Washington Times ad: Pope Is Antichrist

We subscribe to the Weekly Edition of the Washington Times.

Eternal Gospel Church’s bigoted ad

The April 14, 2008 issue ran a 2-page ad, “Liberty of Conscience Threatened.” There are two photos. One photo shows Pres. Bush bowing before Pope Benedict XVI. Second photo shows a real billboard: “Saturday, the TRUE Lord’s Day, Changed by ANTICHRIST.”


Also, scroll down and click the caption above the photo of the wolf in sheep’s clothing for their rant against the Catholic League.

As soon as the Times’ circulation department opens we will be canceling our subscription.

One day we will learn why the paper chose the very week of the Holy Father’s visit to run this despicable, ignorant, and hateful ad.

It’s a shame. We’ve subscribed for 3 years. Previous issues have advertised the Latin Mass and the New Oxford Review. The paper changed editors.

Please cancel your subscription, too.

The Catholic League received a promise from the Washington Times that they would never run such a bigoted ad again. That was in 1997. Read about it here: catholicleague.org/release.php?id=125

May God have mercy on the 7th-Day Adventists.

I just wanted to point out that the Eternal Gospel Church seems to be at odds with the mainstream Seventh Day Adventists

[quote=EGC website]We are a Revival ministry, calling our people to return to our historic Adventist doctrines

Elsewhere on their website they seem unhappy that, in their estimation, the Seventh Day Adventists and Disney have entered into an alliance.

But yes, the EGC seems to be anti-Catholic. In addition to newspaper ads, they also seem to sponsor billboards:

From the Catholic League article, it is not clear exactly what the Times promised. I would have expected a firm formal commitment to be quoted verbatim. It’s quite possible that the Catholic League simply got a phone call saying the Times has decided not to run that (1998) ad again.

This is sad and sickening. My stomach just about churnded when I read the article. There has been anti-christians ever since the beginning. In these days, it seems to be growing.

In a country founded by protestants I’m surprised some one would be shocked about the comparison of the pope to the Anti-christ, this is what the reformers proclaimed. Not that there should be intolerance towards any group.

"Oh, the Protestants hate the Catholics,
and the Catholics hate the Protestants.
And the Moslems hate the Hindus
and everybody hates the Jews…"
Tom Lehrer, *National Brotherhood Week *1965

They seem to be complete innocent of imagination or originality.
Maybe we should wait to see what sort of ad they put in the paper when the Prime Minister of Israel comes to town. That ought to get a laugh or two.


Yea, Tom Lehrer! That is one of the few songs I didn’t memorize as a teen. :smiley: My favorite was MLF lulaby.

Sleep baby sleep; in peace may you slumber.
No danger lurks, your sleep to encumber.
We’ve got the missiles; peace to determine,
And one of the fingers on the button will be German.

Why shouldn’t they have nuclear warheads?
England says ‘no,’ but they all are soreheads.
I say a bygone should be a bygone.
Let’s make peace the way we did in Stanleyville and Saigon.

Once all the Germans were warlike and mean,
but that couldn’t happen again.
We taught them a lesson in 1918,
and they’ve hardly bothered us since then.

I used to sing it to my kids to help them get to sleep. :stuck_out_tongue:

…but I digress…

There are a lot of ideas about “anti christ”. It is a scriptural term. In fact in I John we find that there can be many. I think that any one who claims to speak with the authority of Christ or even claims to be Christ and yet teaches things contrary to the scpritures can be considered an anti christ. Jesus, Peter, and Paul all warned about the danger of false teachers. In Mathew 7 Jesus warned wolves in sheeps clothing. He further told of many who thought that they were serving Christ, who would be surprised to be turned away because they were not doing the will of the Father.

In II Peter 2 starts with a warning about false teachers. In I John 4:5-6 he said that we could indentify the false teacher or spirit by whether it “heareth not us”, or in other words agreed with the apostles.

Paul seems to have written more on the dangers of false teachers than the rest. The Lord revealed the things that were coming to him and it weighed heavily on his mind. In Acts 20 we find his farewell address to the elders at Ephesus. He said a lot in few words. He said that after he was gone men would arise even among the elders to lead away disciples after them. He had warned them about this with tears. He then told them to follow the word. This shows that there would not be another apostle or inspired man to take his place.

In I Tim. 2,3,and 4 Paul gives instructions on how things should be conducted in the church. He speaks of women’s part in 2. In 3 he explains that the church leaders must be married men with faithful children in order to have the proper experience to guide the congregation. Then in 4 he gives a warning that there would be a departure from the faith and some would forbid marriage.

Perhaps the place that produces more thoughts on a particular antichrist is in what Paul wrote in II Thess. 2. He told the brethren not to be disturbed that the Lord’d return was about to take place for something had to happen first. There would have to be a “falling away”. In Acts 20, to Timothy, and here the dangers start within the church and leaves the truth. Then the “man of sin” would be reavealed “who opposeth and exaltheth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped, so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.” In Ephesians 2 we find that the church is the temple. So it would appear that this person would claim to have all the authority of Christ and God in the church and would receive worship in honour of that authority. If he takes the place of God in the church, it would be logical to claim all of the titles that belong to Christ and God such as, “Judge of the living and the dead”, “Lord of Lords and King of Kings”, and “Holy Father”. When Satan offered all the glory of the world’s kingdom to Jesus if he would fall down and worhip him, Jesus rebuked him by saying that we are to only worship God. When in Acts 10 Cornelius started to worship Peter, he was told, “Stand up, I also am a man.” In Rev. 22:8-9 John fell down before the angel that revealed things to him and was told, “See thou do it not”. I want to be careful upon whom I give honour and glory and not bestow upon man that which belongs to the Father and the Son.

What do you expect from a newspaper founded by the Moonies?

The Unification church still owns the Washington Times, I believe, and it’s been a paper of little esteem in journalistic circles for its whole existence.
I’m glad you’re canceling your subscription. If I had the money for newspapers I think I’d subscribe to a Catholic paper myself.

Well its been said by fundamentalist for many years, that the Anti-Christ will be loved by the world, and many people will be fooled by him, before he begins his destructive deeds.

Pope Benedict XVI, isn’t a person whom I would say is loved by the world. Catholics yes, but Catholics will be persecuted along with the Pope, so there’s no chance that the head of the Catholic Church is the anti-Christ.


This thread was started in April '08, and just revived- by an avowed fundamentalist.:shrug:

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