Washington Times:Indiana Planned Parenthood clinics recommend services elsewhere

Indiana Planned Parenthood clinics are telling potential patients that the non-abortion services they provide are readily available elsewhere, despite claims made by the group’s national spokeswoman that the state’s funding cuts will deprive poor women of basic medical care.

In the CNN clip, Ms. Richards says she gets letters “every day” from women saying, “I can’t believe that the state legislature or the U.S. Congress is gonna tell me I can’t get [care] where I’ve been going to Planned Parenthood for years for my preventive care, for my birth control, and they’re telling me now I can’t go to the health-care provider that I trust.”

In the recorded calls to Indiana Planned Parenthood clinics, however, callers were told they could get the requested services from other clinics and their designated primary-care physicians, which all Medicaid recipients have.


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