Wasting food?

I just went through my refrigerator and I noticed quite a few things with high fructose corn syrup. So I threw all of them away, but then I remembered what pope Francis said about wasting food. Would this be wasting food, even though they’re not good for you? Do I need to go to confession now?

Anything not good for you is poison. It’s not wrong to throw poison away.

If you continuously purchased it and regretted it and threw it out later, that would be wasting it. Making a decision to not eat things that are bad for you is not the same thing. If they are refrigerated items and already opened, it isn’t as if you could dontate them. If you still feel bad, you could make a donation to a food bank.

You don’t need to go to confession. You made a decision based on your own health goals. Just try not to buy things you don’t want to consume.

It grieves me to read of “wasting food” in the context of “stealing from the poor”.
This is the language of liberation theology which presumably was not going to become our zeitgeist however here we are. Is advocacy for the poor always justifiable? Re. Judas in John 12:5 Why was not this ointment sold for 300 pence and given to the poor?
Generosity and mercy towards the needy in God’s grace, but never make merchandise of the poor or forget first and last to honor God.

So you consider any advocacy for the poor to be “liberation theology” then? I suppose we can throw thew whole of Catholic social teaching out of the window then, seeming that it’s only “liberation theology”.

No, I don’t consider all advocacy for the poor to be liberation theology. It is nevertheless a significant part of Catholic social teaching; this is especially true among Latin American Jesuits.
The assumption that “advocacy for the poor = feeding the starving” is not valid.
There are many organizations that simply use the poor and starving as an icon in order to gain financial support and political power. It is sometimes used as an excuse to strip faith and freedom from the very people they pretend to help.
In such cases the poor are simply being used as if they are merchandise instead of being treated as people with immortal souls.
The Judas quote is simply to illustrate that the poor are sometimes used as an excuse for ulterior motives; Jesus rebukes this intent.
Catholic social teaching is distinct from Catholic works of mercy, the later being a true and most significant example of selfless and effective service for the glory of Jesus Christ towards the benefit of the needy.

However Pope Francis has already made it very clear, in one of his first speeches as Pope, that that is not what he means by his advocacy for the poor. Perhaps you should be more clear that when you speak against the language used by the Pope you are not claiming that he himself thinks about this the wrong way but merely that you are worried some people may take it the wrong way(even though the Pope has already made it very clear it is not to be understod that way)?

What Pope Francis was refering too, is you going out buying the whole left side of the grocery store. Eating one of this and one of that and then saying ah i dont want it anymore and throwing it all away. If the things in your fridge looked bad or smelled bad, theirs no need to torture yourselve and eating. Your basically hurting yourself, which in itself is a sin.

Just make not of when you put left overs in the fridge that it must be eaten within 3 days, so that you dont have that bad feeling of throwing food away. This is my personal opinion, I dont think what you did deserves a visit to the confession booth.

I guess Buddyroe needs to defend himself.

Please note I made no direct mention of Pope Francis, but rather my emphasis is placed on the meaning of words.
I will admit he was on my mind because of his recent well publicized quote including the phrase “stealing from the poor”.
My terminology is hard but I hope you will understand that I am not trying to be disrespectful.
It pleases me to learn that Pope Francis has clarified his intent in what he said, however I was not aware of that fact and I still have no specific knowledge what he said in follow up.
I still maintain the plain understanding of a phrase like “stealing from the poor” is a strong social justice polemic which warrants a counterpoint.
It is self evident the public reaction to his quote apparently made a clarification necessary.

I hope you all can agree with me that we should avoid using the needy to promote political causes.

It was not a follow-up. It was in his very first homily as Pope. He spoke against the failing to profess our faith, saying that without that profession of our faith we will become nothing but a charitable NGO.

Also please note that I never accused you of attacking the Pope, however, your language on this thread is very misleading and could make it appear as though you are saying the Pope believes in liberation theology. Now, seeing as you understand the importance of speaking clearly so that you are not misunderstood I assume you will be more careful in the future.

Hello thewanderer,

Did you not write in response to me “…Perhaps you should be more clear that when you speak against the language used by the Pope…”?
Is it not reasonable that I should take that to mean as you say “I am attacking the Pope”?
You want me to be clear; very well I do believe Pope Francis to a significant extent embraces liberation theology.
This is my belief based on observation and assessments made by others e.g. Fr. Lombarbi, Leonardo Boff.
This is of course not a proven fact which I readily acknowledge.

Thank you for setting me straight on there being no follow up corrections by Pope Francis, my apologies for getting that wrong.

If you look at the whole of that sentence though, I tried to show that I assumed you were not attacking the Pope by asking that the next time you attack words that he uses you clarify that you are not attacking the pope himself but only that the words used can be confusing without further clarification. I am sorry that you misunderstood me. As for believing that the Pope adheres to a condemned theology, seeing as you admit to having no proof and Catholics are called to give people the benefit of the doubt and not spread rumors about others or defame there character I suggest you refrain from making further accusations or implications that the Pope adheres to this theology on an open message board.

Hello the wanderer,

Thank you for addressing the intent of your comments, and will add that I sincerely hope I am wrong about my analysis.
Pope Francis shows enormous gifts of Godly knowledge, faithfulness, and wisdom and a willingness to to work hard applying his gifts.

I will also take your advise and conclude any further comments on this thread as I have carried on quite long enough.

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