Watch – Antifa Chants Death to America: ‘No Borders! No Wall! No USA at All!’


Watch – Antifa Chants Death to America: ‘No Borders! No Wall! No USA at All!’

John Binder 12 Aug 2018 Breitbart News

Open borders protesters and members of the left-wing anarchist group Antifa chanted death to America during a counter-protest in Washington, DC, on Sunday.

In a video by Breitbart News’ Ian Mason, Antifa members and open borders activists can be heard and seen marching down streets throughout Washington, DC, demanding an end to the United States.

"No border, no wall, no USA at all!” Antifa and open borders activists chanted.

The mob of left-wing activists carried red flags and wore all black with masks and helmets on their heads . . .



What a lovely group!


A bit stupid then to carry flags of the CCCP as border control was quite tight there and the Russian border controls are seriously tight as I can tell you from experience. The first time I went to the country was to work there for a bit and by God the border patrol and customs officials are not mucking around there. I had to fill in a lengthy amount of paperwork. Where I was working was formerly a closed city and not open to foreigners (even Russians from outside the area needed permission to visit relatives for extended stays), I had to have a background check done and an interview with a military officer for around a hour.


The only model that supports open borders is the libertarian model, and that would require reciprocity by neighboring countries.


Then there is the Hillary Clinton model that, as far as we know, required nothing of any other country.


Absurd. Why bother to post absurdities?


Some places have laws against adults covering their faces like bandits.

Once they are no longer children … covering the face is part of committing a crime.



Both Hillary and Bernie campaigned they would not focus on deporting illegals already across the border, at least if they weren’t violent criminals (even Dems have standards).


I endorse that focus. We are spending enormous resources on people who pose little or no threat to us, and not enough on the “bad hombres”. But what has that to do with RR’s post?


Calling for borderless states doesn’t equate to calling “death to America”. These rhetorical gymnastics aren’t helpful.


Why do you seem to hate our poor and minorities so much?
Enabling rampant illegal immigration hurts them the most.

Controlling illegal immigration pays for itself.


If I were similarly inclined to beg questions, I would ask: Why do you favor letting the bad hombres run wild while we are spending time to comply with court orders to undo the horrible family separation?


You are presumably talking about laws banning the burqa. If so say that straight out, it saves a lot of time wandering around the metaphorical mulberry bush. Of course you will now do that any way and we have a game of ‘maybe that’s what I meant and maybe it’s not’ which will go on ad infinitum although your meaning is patently clear. The idea that all people who cover their faces will automatically commit a crime or are going to is bizarre.


Actually, it wouldn’t require reciprocity, since that wouldn’t have much value in and of itself. What it would require is for the welfare state to be dismantled.




That of course means no social security or medicare.


… for people who didn’t pay into the system.


What you mean pay into? All anyone pays is taxes. Are you saying that paying taxes entitles you to welfare?


Just cross the border and sign up!!

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