Watch "Dear Greta, Are Trees Worth More Than Babies?" on YouTube

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I really don’t think that whataboutism is the most logically sound way to respond to Ms. Thunberg’s concerns.


I’m also marveling at how children - being used by adults - are accusing Thunberg of being used by adults . . .


Ah, the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property. Aren’t they the people who literally advocate returning to feudalism? Anyway, this campaign is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen. So, somebody can’t talk about climate change if they don’t also talk about abortion? Are people basically not allowed to talk about any cause unless they simultaneously talk about abortion?

“Dear Mr Churchill, You say things like, ‘Victory at all costs’. Don’t get me wrong: we should care about things like defeating Nazi Germany. But, Mr Churchill, you never talk about babies. Until you care about the unborn, at least more than Poland and the Jews, I won’t believe your ‘blood, toil, tears, and sweat’ message. I won’t ‘fight on the beaches’, but I will fight for the unborn. So, in your next speech, mention God and the unborn.”

“Dear Dr King, You say things like, ‘I have a dream’. Don’t get me wrong: we should care about things like desegregation, voting rights, and lynchings. But, Dr King, you never talk about babies. Until you care about the unborn, at least more than black people and the poor, I won’t believe your ‘let freedom ring’ message. I won’t boycott buses, but I will fight for the unborn. So, in your next speech, mention God and the unborn.”


I’ve never been comfortable with using children to present issues and that includes the absurd beatification of Greta by adults. This issue is more diplomatic and political than anything else. I’m not going to listen to a teen who may tell people to listen to climatologists (I would argue she’s not doing that herself) and to panic (panicking is not something you do during emergencies (which she and others call it), it’s unsafe). It’s the politics that’s the problem, the desire for global power seen in the competition between the US, China and India. It shows life experience does indeed matter.

Even in the worst case scenario, life will not cease to exist. Extinction of a large number of species? Yes. Extinction of humans? No. And even then, humans will try to protect them. There are people trying to preserve the Great Barrier Reef in the event of the worst case scenario by saving some of the gametes released by the corals.
But the video is pretty much a reaction to the fact the media do not represent the world in an accurate manner. Abortion is a big issue for many. Majority? No. But we’ve seen many issues with even fewer people concerned about them being made top stories.

I’m hearing about the Australian bushfires on the news. And adults are treating teen protesters like they have some sort of authority. The fact is even if Australia could emit net zero carbon right now, the droughts and heatwaves won’t go away because Australia emits like 1 to 2 % of all emissions. Air moves around and the biggest emitters won’t do anything. Plus, Scott Morrison’s open defiance (which may shock many in places where the economy isn’t reliant on natural resources at all) shows there are many voters who are concerned about their jobs because Labour didn’t offer a realistic alternative to those people who are going to lose their jobs if sweeping changes are made. Job loss is a very devastating thing that shouldn’t be dismissed. People like Greta’s supporters ignore the jobs factor to their own peril.
In fact, the polls show there’s little change in voters’ opinions since the election. Though the last poll listed was before the Hawaii vacation so it might change but the fires have been burning for weeks.

  1. Excuse me, but human life is not a “US position”
  2. You do not have to respond to such “offensive” threads.
  3. No, you really don’t.

The problem is Thunberg and her ilk support a broad social policy that includes population control (and consequentially, abortion), all in the name of saving the environment. The abortion problem wouldn’t be an issue in the debate if the environmental activists didn’t also push other progressive positions.

Besides feudalism is pretty cool. And the average US worker spends more hours at their job than the average peasant anyway…


Umm, the OP’s video referenced US pro-life street demonstrations.

By definition, in the worst-case scenario, it will. It is in the nature of worst case scenarios that they describe the worst thing that could happen.

However, yes, you are probably right that if global warming continues there will remain some life on earth. But we need to remember the 99% of known species are extinct and only one hominoid species remains of possible a dozen or more. There is nothing to say we will survive.


A) It’s hilarious that you think Greta Thunberg’s climate change activism is about “trees”.

B) Activism does not have to be concerned with pro-life to be activism. People are free to devote their time to any cause they see fit, either saving babies, the planet, both. The fact that some chose one instead of the other does not detract from the worth of either.

Also for the record, not everything people do has to take into consideration American conservative politics. There is no conservative America-shaped hole that stuff has to pass through to be valid. (Note: This may shock some of y’all).


If someone doesn’t “get” the fact that an unborn child is a child, then it’s difficult for me to accept much of anything else that they say.

Would you trust an accountant who insisted that 2 + 2 = 5?

Or a doctor who denies the existence of bacterial infections?

I realize that it is possible to be wrong about some things and right about others. But to not recognize the very basic truth of human embryology is, to me anyway, and apparently to others like the teens that made this video, good reason to distrust pretty much everything that the person says or writes.

The science is rock-solid–an embryo is a human being. Someone who claims scientific expertise about climate change but does not recognize this fact is not credible.


I had the impression that frame was posted in the video to try to help Ms. Thunberg recognize that she has a lot of psychological issues which make it likely that she is being used by adults. Ms. Thunberg needs to help herself first, then help the world.

We do not know the teens in this video, but hopefully, they do not have unresolved mental and psychological conditions.

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Ya know, I’m super anti abortion and generally think all this climate change stuff is nonsense, but this is just stupid. They’re completely unrelated.

And yeah I’m going to go out on a lim and say Gretas parents probably raised her to be pro abortion and that climate is more important than what to them would just be a fetus and not a baby.


You made a good point. I’m not against caring about our climate and environmental concerns at all but when you subvert the basic right to life that the human person has in order to account for overpopulation (which is a bogus idea) or some other concern regarding the environment, I take issue with one’s policy.


So it’s OK to be “used by adults” so long as a swath of credential-free, armchair Internet pundits diagnose you as psychologically stable?

Honestly, I’ve found the “used-by-adults” canard paternalistic and cruel. (I was just using it for an ironic effect regarding the kids in the video). I also never hear it used on Malala Yousafsi or other teen activists. I guess they’re inspiring teens “making a difference” if we agree with them . . . and psychologically handicapped and “used by adults” if we don’t.

How about addressing the actual merits of her argument instead of speculation about her character or mental health?

Has Thunberg argued for abortion as a means of population control?


I’m not absolutely sure but I would be surprised if she didn’t follow the well-established trail of fellow environmentalists who are also militantly pro-abortion. It’s kinda how they roll.

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The amazing new breakthrough, people can now be concerned about more than one thing. I can be concerned about the declining population of bats and the impact on our food supply AND can still be against euthanasia. All at the same time! In fact, with the new breakthrough, I can go and speak about the decline in bat population while still being opposed to euthanasia.

Guys, it is not a zero sum game.

The same God who told us thou shalt not kill told us to be good stewards of the earth. Concern is not a zero sum game.


Actually, I have always been against child activists, ever since people were saying out of the mouths of babes about Amy Carter.

And even teens and college students I’m not too thrilled about. All too often they do not have a good grasp of the issues in a holistic sense, and they still have that feeling that nothing bad will happen to them, a tendency I find all too often in climate activists who do not seem to realize that if we destroy the world’s economies, they might have to do without… their phones, their card, their clothes…


Yep. We’ve had this conversation. I’ve long encouraged teens to stand up for the world they’re going to inherit . . . and adults to stop infantilizing them. If you want to disagree with them on the merits of their arguments, that’s technically fair, but focusing on how young they are is a red herring.

Generalizations - including uncharitable ones like this portraying climate activists as shallow and materialistic - never make strong arguments because there are always exceptions . . . glaring ones in this case. While I do grow weary of hypocrites decrying climate change while living wastefully, there’s a HUGE movement to counter that, both online and offline, toward simple living - renewable resources and energy, local food, waste-free living, small and simple houses, (even tiny houses), and homesteading in any setting. I could fill a roll of toilet paper with links.

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