WATCH: Joe Biden Mistakes Own Delaware Blue Hens Jacket for Philadelphia Eagles; Calls Himself ‘Grandmom’

I know it is just another story of Joe and his “gaffes” but still, they happen regularly.

eagle vs.

Biden is clearly losing his mental capabilities. Any vote for this man is completely immoral in my opinion.

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But he needs lots of prayres! Why would a nation-wide major party ask this man to work beyond his capacity?!? It’s not right! There were many other choices!

I pray for him everyday, especially since he is a “Catholic”. I think they put him is as candidate so that they can remove him using the 25th amendment and place socialist anti-Catholic bigot Kamala Harris in the office.

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Pence is visiting PA and I wonder if he will wear an Eagle jacket but yes prayers are always In order for all candidates and their families who regularly campaign.

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