Watch LIVE coverage of Pope Francis' address to US Congress [CNA] D.C., Sep 24, 2015 / 05:00 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Francis will address a joint session of the United States Congress at 9:20 am, ET, Sept. 24, 2015. Watch the live coverage from EWTN.

Check back here for the full text once the speech is delivered.

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Flipping channels last night and C-SPAN was playing the videos of everything. They were repeating them over and over last night. There is no commentary during the video. One of the most moving things to see, to me, was at the Canonization Mass. All the people taking communion.

Here’s a link to the mass…junipero-serra

Of course, since it is C-SPAN, there is political commentary BUT it is NOT during the videos themselves.

You can use their website’s search window to find all of the videos

He will be addressing Congress shortly, he has already arrived.
They are carrying live video if you are interested…-congress&live

I like having the option to look up and watch a video with no outside commentary.

I’m at work so I’m unable to listen to this. Please, anyone who is able to listen in to Pope Francis speaking to Congress, could you please post what he says? I figure someone will post what he says anyway but I am so anxious to hear what he says when he addresses Congress today.

Thank you so much.

God Bless Pope Francis and may the Holy Spirit work in the hearts of all those present to have the ears to hear and to convert. :gopray:

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

He has been wonderful so far. He called on all of us to try not to be so polarized. Gave a moving speech about immigrants and our history as an immigrant nation. He spoke of the importance of valuing life at all stages and singled out the death penalty as something he would like to see abolished. Then he talked a bit about Global Warming and also mentioned the need to protect marriage.

“It is my duty to build bridges.” This seems to be the theme-working together to solve problems and treating all with dignity and respect.

Talking now about money and said, " it is our duty to stop the arms trade."

Sorry this is so abbreviated, I’m typing as I listen. Hopefully the text of the speech will be posted later.

He seems to be touching on points that politicans in each party have issues with (defense of marriage, death penalty, promoting abortion, global warming).

I am sure each new network will cherry-pick the things they want to say he emphasized.

Addressing the family now, especially the youth, and the importance of promoting having children. Wish he’d speak to the Planned Parenthood issue specifically. If we had concentration camps set up in every state, would the Pope not mention it? It is that serious.

What a great address by the Holy Father. More analysis to come!!

Speech is over. I just heard a pundit make an interesting observation. He said the speech was structured around a “spiritual Mount Rushmore”- Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Dorothy Day and Thomas Merton.

It was a good speech. He talked about America’s strengths and appealed to the better angels of our nature.

I cannot watch the Pope’s speech to congress but I just read the speech. Not once in the speech did I see the name “Jesus Christ”. I also did not see the words “abortion”. Those of you who did watch the speech please tell me that the Pope did reference our Lord Jesus Christ and make at least some comment about the evil of abortion.

Let me guess, the Pope sounded very “Nice”. :rolleyes:

Ran Pleasant

Perhaps his invitation to dialogue will be embraced by both sides? I appreciate his call. I am in dialogue with Jehovah’s Witness right now, and a lot of my circle are Evangelical Protestants. I have to say I’m afraid it will make those dialogues more difficult. I am concerned that this is continuing to allow the pendulum to swing to only one side, but I must trust the Holy Spirit.

Haters gonna hate!

He didn’t specifically mention abortion but certainly alluded to it. As I mentioned earlier, he talked about the need to value life at all stages of development and then singled out the death penalty as something he would like to see abolished.

I don’t think he specifically mentioned Christ but the entire speech was based on Christ’s teachings.


You celebrate the pope’s call to unity and charity by labeling good people “haters?” Better read that speech again, friend. Are you really interested in charity, or do you just want something to shove down the throats of conservatives?

Very telling that he ended with the the need to protect the unborn and the acknowledgement of the attack on the family. He pretty much was saying to not forget the beginning of Genesis with God blessing the family and to be fruitful and multiply. Respecting and treasuring life from it’s conception.

I am responding to the unnecessary disappearing tone regarding the words of the Holy Father. I see armchair Bishops.

Catholic should rejoice in the words of this Pope and any Pope.

It’s sad.

A deeply spiritually reflective insightful Christian observation, like something one might hear visiting a Monastery, not.

Look for the full text here (eventually—it’s not up yet):

The text will probably pop up in other places before it appears on the Vatican website, though. Since he gave the address in English, there won’t be the translation issue, so it should go quicker.

Yes, I applaud Him for saying this and many other acts He has done in this current visit. We should all pray to receive the message of holiness as much as we can.

Or you could be struck by the “deep concern” of what is apparently lacking in the words of the Holy Father.

Celebrate the words of the Pope- don’t sit back and divide them.

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