Watch: Man Shouts ‘CNN Is Fake News’ During Anderson Cooper Live Shot



I watched it… now what?


Well, Mavzylor, do you think CNN reports fake news?


I think they report with bias and false context pretty often. Is that fake news?

Edit: I’ve kinda let go of watching the news recently, as it was having a negative impact on my life for years. I don’t really know what the term fake news means. I just know it has something to do with the Trump administration.


Fake news is what we used to call yellow journalism.


Mavzylor, do you trust PBS NewsHour?


Honestly I’ve never even watched or read articles from PBS. I have no idea what PBS is like. Generally, I only trust Catholic news sources like EWTN. I also trust Glenn Beck, though I haven’t listened to him in a while.


What about LifeSiteNews?


They have a very solid left lean, but they don’t do yellow journalism


“Man isn’t a little coward to state some facts on national television”


I just read an article laughing about the remarkable number of people who were expecting civil war to break out yesterday, due to an “obvious joke” spread around the internet. And I wondered

Did the article’s author learn nothing from the last 2 years’ of #FakeNews!?!?


No, LifeSiteNews constantly takes Pope Francis’s words put of context or misinterprets them and bashes him.


CNN is annoying. Unless there’s just been a mass shooting, hurricane or race riot in USA, their entire page has been about nothing but Trump for months. Love him or hate him, the stuff he does daily or the stuff concerning him is not that interesting. Worst of all there are people reposting it all constantly hanging on every story no matter how small insisting this will be the thing that finally triggers getting him out of office. Again, love him or hate him, there are a lot more interesting things to think and post about.


How about MSNBC or Fox News? Considering that Roger Ailes is now gone from the latter…


They’re both so terribly biased in opposite directions.


I think it’s best just to focus on the “good news”. It’s far more edifying and commercial free.


Keeping in mind that the mainstreams are for-profit organizations, coupled with the fact that strife and discord sells, none of them are to be trusted much.


Catholic apologist Dave Armstrong has asked people to stay away from LifeSiteNews.


I missed Anderson’s eye roll.


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