Watch these vocational videos

I have begun discerning a vocation with the Norbertine fathers of St. Michael’s Abbey in California.

I was sent links to two of their videos:

Are these not some of the most amazing vocational videos you’ve ever seen?

I was just kind of like =o the first time I saw them.


Just kidding. Congratulations on your potential priestly vocation YoungTradCath. You are in my prayers.

God bless.


I have marveled at these vocation-videos for a couple of years myself, YoungTradCath. There are astonishingly well-done, both for the cinematography and the writing. Excellent tools.

The Praemonstratensian life of the Canons Regular is very ancient, and perhaps stands as the oldest form of religious order in the Church. Saint Augustine attached all his priests to his episcopal throne in Hippo, reciting the Office and prayers day and night, more than 1600 years ago! Being attached to a cathedral is no longer necessary, as you can see from the independent abbey in California. That life is, regardless, supremely liturgical and even rivals the cloistered orders in terms of its profound beauty.

Please discern this vocation carefully. It is a long, hard life of constant service, and communication of the Gospel: in liturgy, word, deed, and prayer.

Awesome! And excited to hear about your discernment, blessings to you during this time, my friend!

Or here is one from St. Louis


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