Watching an R-Rated Movie? What a Priest Said When He Was Asked If It Is a Sin to Watch One. A Short Article

He makes some relevant distinctions as he answers this question, but says a person should not watch a movie if then he would deliberately put himself in a situation where he has a tendency to fall into sin.

Thanks for posting this! It made me realize that this priciple can be extended to many areas of our lives.

“All things are lawful, but not everything is useful,” right?

Principle of the Integral Good: For a thing to be good, all of its parts must be good or morally neutral; if a single part is evil, the whole thing is evil.

We should keep in mind that it isn’t just about whether the content is an occasion of sin for us; we should also consider whether it is offensive to God.

If you knew of a recording of someone badmouthing your mother or father, would you not avoid it and chastise those who promoted it? So why, then, when a film directly offends God through blasphemy, sexual acts, or any other serious sins, could you even consider paying the makers of that film and watching it?

He did mention consideration of what one was supporting. But he also mentioned that the Passion, Mel Gibson’s movie, is rated R.

I am not saying whether I agree or not about if watching a R rated movie is a sin or not but I would say when Father brought up that we should question if we are giving our money to a dubious company by buying or owning a certain movie, well almost all major companies have dirt on them so where do we draw the line? Heck, every gas station around here sells condoms and some 711’s even sell playboy magazine. Where do we draw the line within reason? I mean, I know where I would draw the line… but I think that statement he made was not broad enough and should be explored on its own.

That’s when I turn it off. Life is too short for rubbish.

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