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I’ve become very much bothered about this, and I’m suspecting that I’m creating a justification for something that is actually sinful.

I do not own a copy of a particular tv show. However, a friend of mine does. Since we live at a distance from each other, sometimes we’ll watch an episode together as a way to still hang out. They will watch the hard copy that they have purchased legally from a physical store, and they will send me a link to a file sharing site I guess, since they found the episode uploaded. I then stream that episode, while they watch their own hard copy where they live.

My rational is that I would be watching it with them if we lived closer, since they actually own it. But, I can’t deny the fact that the means by which I’m watching it is not the same.

Am I committing a sin, or am I being scrupulous?

If you lived closer, you could watch together.
But you are not.

Many activities that are sinful would not be ‘if…’
And many commit these sins by making themselves that ‘if…’ is really an insignificant thing.
That there is no significant difference between a sinful activity and one that is not.

Illegally downloading is one such.

Yeah, this is one of the negative aspects of having such freedom with technology. There is a fair amount that is not really free, that others (dishonestly) made “free.” It’s the same as pirating a movie in the old days. It’s just so darn easy to do now. But it doesn’t make it more right. It should be avoided. It can be a sin if you know it’s wrong and still do it anyways. :o

Thank you both, and God bless you. :slight_smile:

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