Watching ghost stories on tv


is watching tv stories about ghosts (which we know are really demons in disquse) a sin? is it spiritism?


Can you elaborate on the type?

My hairdresser was part of a club that went “ghost hunting”. The last I asked she said she quit because she was afraid she’d “bring something home”. She shuddered, and would not say anything more about it.

I would avoid them.


It depends on what you are doing after the show’s over. If the ghost stories are purely for entertainment and nothing else, then I don’t see a problem with it. You must be strong with your faith and know what is good and evil.

If you start believing the ghost stories, and you start going to old “haunted” houses to look for spirits, or if you refer someone being tormented to a ghost whisperer or something, that is a sin. Remember, God is the ultimate and only power in the universe. All of these ghost stories are figments of people’s imaginations.




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Or worse yet, demonic manifestations and infestations.


Delving into the Spirit World unless your qualified by the Church as a very strong prayerful person in spirit and able to exorcise evil spirits, then it would be strongly advisable to stay away from haunted houses and the sort; least you yourself succumb to being possessed by evil minions controlled by Satan himself.

This is no joking manner.



I admit, I enjoy Victorian ghost stories. You know the kind, the old house, the organ playing at night type of thing.

It is not a healthy thing to use the imagination to conjure these things, b/c they involve murder, and other evils. They can be depressing as well.

I agree they are fun, though. But, spiritually unhealthy.


My teens were fascinated by them. I used it as teachable moments: Not everything that is "real" is something we can see. The stories were often terrifying and a good cautionary tale about what NOT to get involved in, and happily, usually the only person who was of much help in the stories was... a Catholic priest.


It's all good. Pretending it doesn't exist doesn't make it really go away.


I am thinking that it is nowhere near a sin a to watch paranormal TV shows. Is it also a sin to watch murder mysteries or other crime/sin related programming? I believe it only becomes a sin if one takes the content to heart and then visualizes or fantasizes about what is happening.

I don't know why people waste their time watching such things. Much of it is fake. It costs a lot of money to bring a TV crew on location. The producers will not leave the outcome of the show to chance. If nothing happens, they will make something happen. Amazing things occur on camera with the help of fishing line. While all of the scenes could occur, anything is possible, they are not real.


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