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I read previous discussions on similar questions but I feel the need to explain my case to get an accurate answer.
I’ve always loved watching Korean Dramas. Out of the 10 dramas that I like only 3 are available on netflix. Other legal streaming sites have these dramas but they won’t let me view it because they’re “not available for my region”. They’re only available in the US. Which means I don’t have a choice but to wach it from sites that may or may not be in violation of copyright.

I wouldn’t mind paying for these movies/ dramas if they were available in my region, but becuase they aren’t available and I’m watching them online without paying…am I still committing a sin?
…And would this be mortal?

Because they aren’t available in my region, do I need to give up watching dramas all together? :frowning:

Can you get disk?

I can only get a disc for the very famous ones which were released a year ago…not for the recent ones or the less known ones.

Use a VPN and stream legally?

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That’s still illegal…masking your location to get around the law / license agreement.

I definitely don’t see how it would rise to the level of grave sin. No one, including the content owners, is hurt as the OP literally cannot legally buy the content (yet wants to pay!). It’s morally questionable, but I would think not a mortal sin. OP - try to get DVDs wherever you can… check eBay etc.

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What if I just continue watching off the web but to make up for the “theft”, I donate the money I would have paid (If I were allowed to had I been living in the US) to the church?
That way I’m not exactly watching it for free right?

I know this is a really shady way of doing things but at this point I’m really at a loss :frowning:

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