Watching movies in which you know someone will take the Lords name in vain


I asked yesterday about the morality of watching movies which you know will have someone who takes the Lords name in vain, and I didn’t get a definitive answer. —-I added yesterday on the show that I got different ifferent advice from my confessor and another priest then I heard from this traditional priest who says that if there is any sin in a movie/tv show, it is morally evil. —he used the logic of the “principle of the intergrail Good”. —will you please please help?–Note: the first priest said it is permissable but we ought pray for the person who took it in the movie.


It does AMAZE me that on TV shows they can not say the S**T word but they can easily blurt out the Lord’s name in vain multiple times in in many disgusting ways. What a sad thing.


There’s sinning in the Bible, but it isn’t glorified.


Personally I feel like you should be very picky about the movies you watch. The media you consume does have an effect on you, and you will want to make sure that that effect at least isn’t harmful in any way.

Still, I wouldn’t call it sinful to simply watch a bad movie, and the sins of those who made that film aren’t going to infect anyone watching. You shouldn’t allow yourself to trivialize the sins depicted, however.

For me, I always make it a point to be just as shocked when a character takes the Lord’s name in vain as when doing any other evil, or even more since it is a real sin that has been recorded.

By simply doing that, and reminding myself that such actions are wrong, any attempt by the movie to trivialize such sins are rendered vain. And if such attempts are made frequently then I’m not going to enjoy the movie, simply because it’s exhausting to be constantly shocked and revolted throughout a film.


Yes! Blasphemy is far far worse than vulgarity, but you wouldn’t know it by following the culture.


We all know that pretty well anything we turn on is going to be offensive in some way nowadays. It nearly leaves one few options when it comes to secular programing. I get great laughs out of old shows such as below. The excellent content for me is enough to put up with the primitive recording technology.


we turn a blind eye to a world of injustice and enmity but someone might say “omg” in a film? it’s just habit for me to say
“Gd” (not with “o”), always…and that’s not even really his name. In any case the original prohibition is all to do with making oaths in the name of Gd, sinning, and doing “black magic” in Gd’s name…not an exclamation some might say in a dramatic moment (aka like a movie).
I think there may be more things worthy of passing out the smelling salts…


As counter-cultural as it sounds, this is easily avoided by not watching movies.


The vast majority of movies are secular, pagan, Church-hating.

You pay for that?


''if there is any sin in a movie/tv show, it is morally evil

Really? If that’s the case, then watching the Passion of Christ is evil, because the movie depicts the crucifixion of Jesus by sinful men. If you would avoid any movie that has a least bit of depiction of sin, then you’ll probably not be able to watch any movies at all, apart from the rare exceptions. In some Christian movies, there are even depictions of murder. The difference is that the film doesn’t exalt violence, but rather, condemns it. A Traditional Catholic, who is one of the strictest and rigorous people I know, says there’s nothing wrong with watching movies with violence in them, provided the violence isn’t praised.

As for watching movies where someone takes the Lord’s name in vain eg ‘‘Oh my G*d’’, I think you’ll find that it’s pretty common (sadly) in modern day movies. I don’t think there’s anything wrong in watching movies where some people take the Lord’s name in vain (provided it isn’t to the extreme), as long as you’re not influenced to do it.


I read Jesus’ name in teenage books used as an interjection to show surprise, anger or frustration. I do not think that the characters are Christian. The characters are so secularised.

I never took an interest to teenage novels as a teen. It was just too watered down for me. I take delight in reading the classics. They never fail me and I love to LEARN new words from these books.

I don’t swear, because swearing limits one’s vocabulary.

People have forgotten the power and beauty of words.


Most movies have been secular from the beginning…and some of them espousing outright racism, cultural stereotypes (why did white men get to play men of other “races” and not the reverse?), sexism, and the like. Yes, there were nice “family friendly” movies and there still are today; but your cultural ideal is not exclusive nor necessarily the best if there even is one.

Personally I’d rather see someone swear than to glorify violence and stereotypes.


I agree. Most of the time, people are acting in ignorance and passion. I refrain from saying “Oh My God!” but when most people today say this, it’s hardly a blasphemy. It’s the utterance of syllables in the English language…


I agree, even children take the Lords name in vain in their play and parents dont even reprimand them… it’s shocking.


You are so right , @po18guy .

We should be boycotting most of what our culture offers .

But I admit I compromise . And I have no excuses .


I ask all to give it a try. Dump the news. Dump the movies. Dump the newspapers. Dump social media. Dump the smart phones and data use. Dump magazines, broadcast TV, and all forms of disguised gossip.

Consume Catholic radio and TV.

Ahhhhh… that’s better.


I’m going to ask our priests about it and report back. I’m watching an otherwise clean Hallmark series but they use the Lord’s name in vain a lot. Every time they do I cringe a little but keep watching because it’s just so good!! Frankly I’m surprised that this kind of language is coming out of a Hallmark show - I thought they were supposed to be “wholesome.” But the fact that it’s been bothering my conscience for 4 seasons now is probably a sign it’s not good. :sleepy:


I find myself saying more often now ‘dear Jesus I love you’ to try and make up for when I hear people using Our Lords name in vein as my mother taught me.
In real life and on tv,often it comes unexpectedly on tv.


I’m a big movie fan I admit, and I have now started taking to saying a quiet “Glory Be” after each use of the Lord’s name in vain. Sometimes there are films I end up saying more of the prayers than others. Yes, it is rather uncomfortable, just the other day, I shared an image from a 90s film I am quite fond of, and didn’t realize until just after I shared it, it had somebody using the Lord’s name in surprise. I felt guilty.


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