Watching shows that take the Lords name in vain

I’ve been reading recently on other threads that you should not watch or read anything that takes the Lords name in vain. Is it sinful to watch such shows?

Why would a Christian want to watch vulgar anti-Christian shows?

I don’t think it’s sinful. As long as you don’t support it or it isn’t scandalizing people around you or something. Taking the Lord’s Name in vain is pretty common (sadly) so it would be difficult to avoid it entirely. Whenever I hear His Name taken in vain, I say a prayer in reparation, like sit nomen Domini benedictum ex hoc nunc et usque in saeculum.

Pray a prayer in reparation for it, avoiding it entirely is difficult. Even things for kids can have it.

I would agree with this. For example, if your little children are in the room and you are watching it, it would most likely be sinful.

In this instance, the sin is on the people who make the program, not necessarily on you for watching it (unless you are scandalizing others while watching it).

However, I would also argue that there are other programs that are pretty blasphemous and/or pornographic, and that watching them would be a grave sin.

I pray I’m making sense.

God Bless.


Personally I do not like it. Unexpectedly maybe a few times and I will keep watching. But there have been times when I decided this is just not right.

Whether it will be considered a sin or not, I do not know but it just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

One can say it’s “realistic” but where I am from it really isn’t. I can go day’s where it isn’t even remotely mentioned.


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