Watching Television, Channeling Unhappiness?

Does unhappiness lead to TV watching or does TV watching lead to unhappiness?

The addictive aspect of watching TV is a big factor. Plus you’ve invested in a device that just sits there, usually in a prominent part of the home. It is always available at the press of a button.

The real problem comes in when people think what they are watching is generally harmless. Referring to modern TV shows, most contain sinful activity portrayed as fun. They are just bad examples that can affect your thinking about yourself and others.

The researchers of this study should have tapped the extensive archives of Advertising Agencies whose only job is to convince you to buy something and to make their commercials as appealing as possible. After all, they get paid millions of dollars to convince you to buy things, watch certain things, or do certain things. Buy this! Watch the football game on Monday! Go on vacation to some foreign country!

So, my fellow Catholics, be careful what you put in your head. It tends to stick whether you’re aware of it or not.


As someone who quit watching cable news, network news, and pretty much everything on TV but sports, I would say TV leads to unhappiness. I’ve never been happier in my life since I quit watching the trash that’s on TV these days. There are much better things to do in life.

Not all people who watch television are unhappy. I refuse to accept any correlation between the two. One can just enjoy watching alot of tv without any unhappiness problem.

Jim, got to say that for well adjusted normal people watching TV then I’d tend to agree with you.

However, I would toss in the caveat that I do believe TV can influence behavior for the good and the bad. Take a look at the recent story showing the possible link between ‘sexy tv shows’ and teen pregnancy. Is it proof? No. But neither is there proof that cigarettes cause cancer.

So I’d suggest that TV can lead people into depression if they are not engaged in some other positive influences and if they choose to watch shows that might lead to depression. Perhaps not an issue with a well adjusted individual. Just like the teen pregnancy - sexy TV watching is not a direct cause and effect. Perhaps if the teen is in a solid family with good values and plenty of other family activity, then watching the occasional ‘sexy’ show will have no influence.

Just a thought.

both, a vicious cycle
900 channels and there is “nothing good on” also leads to a mentality of envy and greed, dissatisfaction with what one does have, and reinforces that mentality so it carries over in other areas of life

the refrigerator is full of good foods, but there is nothing here I feel like eating

my closet is full of clothes, but I have nothing to wear to the party or other event

my house has knick-knacks in every available space, but I don’t have that particular collectible, so I need it.

this mental state has as its root failure of the virtue of thankfulness (which I am sure has another name I can’t think of)

When I’m not out with friends or at work I watch old tv dvds at home and that’s all I do. I am not depressed and it doesn’t bear any influence on my life. Heh, what harm is Star Trek going to do anyway.

But Jim, you are probably a pretty normal guy. I think those who might be “channeling unhappiness” via the TV may not have a well balanced, well adjusted life to begin with.

BTW I tend to have the TV on as background noise when I’m home, and I tend to watch it quite a bit. I favor** FIREFLY** to STAR TREK for my Sci-Fi, although D.S.9 and Voyager were favorites of mine.

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