Watching YT sports streams


Is it legal to watch youtube sports streams? For example I want to watch ski jumping competition but it isnt broadcasted in my country television. Howewer, there are streams on youtube by users. Is it legal or not?


I mean there is no live transmission on channels in my country. For example it could be on Eurosport Germany but not in Poland


Is it legal? I have no idea. Consult the laws of your home country if you’re really concerned, but I expect it’s so trivial no one will care.

How’s the scrupulously/mental health treatment coming?


In Poland, no it isn’t illegal to watch or download anything, but it is illegal to upload. Wcale nie jest nielegalne. Można spokojnie wyglądać jak chcesz.


I dont have any medical treatment


Strongly recommend you seek it out. Your thoughts aren’t normal and you might benefit from mental health treatment.


Im afraid to do it


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