Water Heater Help! Please


:confused: Anyone have an electric water heater? This morning I went to do the dishes and realized we didn’t have hot water, so I got new fuses and replaced the ones that were blown this was at 1ish it is now 3 hrs later and we still don’t have warm let alone hot water. Anyone know how long it might take? Also should the water heater be making any noise or warming up itself? It is cold and isn’t making any noises. :shrug:


Mary :mad:


Are the fuses blown again? If you used the correct sizes and type, there isn’t usually much more you can do. Good luck with it.


No the new fuses are good, well not blown anyway :rolleyes: . Thanks for the good luck wishes.


Maybe you need to change the element.


How would I check that? :confused:


Do you use well water?




If you don’t have filters in line before heater, sediment can build up in the bottom of tank and surround element. Try to flush it out first, wait a couple of hours. If water doesn’t get hot, suspect corroded element. Get a new one at home depot with a cheap element socket. Turn off switch to heater and well and drain before replacing element. Big heaters have two, an upper and lower. Usually the lower goes out, but you would have warm water, not hot. Tim


Thanks for the info. :thumbsup:


How old is your heater? I have found that most heaters my experience is with gas] don’t survive more than a year or so beyond their warrenty. I tend to replace them at that point rather than risk a catastrophic flood.


That is especially true if you are on well water. Probably not a bad idea, because it usually is the great flood that alerts you to the need for a new water heater.


How is your heater?? I am sure it is fixed by now.

When I was younger and living with my parents, I came home one night while they were out of town and there was not hot water like you. We later found out it was because the pilot light had gone off… there is a little flare for the pilot light. It’s not hard to re-light…



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