water in wine

If water is only poured into the main chalice, and not into the others, does the wine in the others still become the blood of Christ? I have seen this done once or twice.

The general answer I have found is that so long as water and wine are mixed in the main (i.e. priest’s) chalice, it is licit (legal). Some priests will put water in all the chalices used, some will put the water in the carafe of wine before it is poured into chalices, and some will simply put water into one chalice. As far as I know, all methods are legitimate.

Thanks. By the way, what is your book about?

It’s about the new translation of the Mass, specifically the parts said by the congregation. (There’s a separate book in the works on the parts said by the priest.) It’s a “mystagogical catechesis” on the liturgy, which means it
*]interprets the liturgical rites in light of salvation history (e.g. why a CROSS, why WATER)
*]explains the meaning and purpose of those rites (e.g. we make the Sign of the Cross because…)
*]and relates those rites to all aspects of the Christian life (e.g. how does the Sign of the Cross direct our attention to the mission of the Church)
It uses the new translation as its starting point, explaining the differences along the way.

The NEW translation? The one we aren’t using yet, right?

Yes, it’s only required to be placed in the main chalice.

Thanks, that’s what I thought, the priest had me a little worried.

Correct, the one we’re not using yet. But it’s not too early to start learning about the new one. And the book is very applicable to the current translation anyway. It’s generally about the Mass… it just uses the occasion of the new translation as its motivator.

Well I’ll look for it next time I’m at the Catholic bookstore.

Where are you located? They probably don’t carry it… if they did, I’d know about it. If you send me a private message with the contact information for your local Catholic book store, I’ll get in touch with them about it. I send complimentary copies to book stores.

Or… you could buy a copy (through its web site… click the banner) and bring it in to your book store after you’re done reading it! :wink:

here is the website of the closest bookstore leafletonline.com/catalog/Default.aspx? Hopefully they will buy it. PS How many have you sold?

Thanks, I’ll contact them.

Between copies I’ve sold and copies I’ve given away, there’s 195 copies out there already. 50 are at the National Basilica Shrine book store in Washington, DC. I’ve sold nearly 60 on Amazon.

Oh, well maybe if I go on the mach 4 life in DC again I’ll pick one up.

I got my copy from Amazon and am in the middle of reading it. Even though it talks about the new translation, it has helped me appreciate the mass right now more.

Thanks for the support! :slight_smile:

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