Water molecules - Blessing Sacrament in the Monstrance


** This is something that came to my mind quite a while ago, and I had to follow through with a little research. The left side are water molecules that actually change after prayer according to the research from Japan’s Masaru Emoto. The photos have been published in a gorgeous book called The Messages of Water. Positive thoughts, such as prayer transforms water. Negative thoughts, music and statements destroy the molecule’s shape. On the right is Jesus, present in the monstrance as the Blessed Sacrament. He tells us that he is the “living water”. Some of these monstrances are hundreds of years old, much older that Mr. Emoto’s research. The fifth monstrance down is an actual Eucharistic miracle, (Lanciato, Italy) where the precious Host turned into actual heart tissue. This heart tissue (host) is over 500 years old, but under scientific research still presents as living tissue.



I cannot comment on the issue of water molecules, though it sounds a little New Age to me, but the shape of a monstrance has varied through centuries and cultures. Most resemble a sunburst, but some are shaped like churches or other things. The main point of the ring surrounding the luna (the holder for the consecrated Host) is to make it more visible from a distance. Most traffic signals have a plate surrounding the light heads for the same reason.


Thank you for your discernment.
Sometimes my heart can be moved in the wrong direction, although I don't know that much about the Japanese scientist.
Just thought it was an interesting similarity.


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