Waterston leaving L&O?

Friday’s episode of Law & Order ended with Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) handing in his resignation to D.A. Arthur Branch (aka Presidential hopeful Fred Thompson).

Heavens to murgatroid! They can’t get rid of McCoy! What next, some blonde bimbo taking over for VanBuren?
I’m still getting used to Cassidy.

I took more notice to Fred Thompson saying “Jack, this seat maybe be empty soon”:hmmm: Could he be planning to run for President? Is he the one leaving?
Now that’s a cliff hanger!

BTW- I can’t stand Cassidy either, to uppity to be a cop, but I love when Van Buren puts her in her place:p since Jerry Orbach passed they have not been able to get anyone decent. I love watching “Greene” and “Briscoe” in the old show they worked great together.

Is the show continuing next year? I saw a news item that it was in question.

My understanding (based on a link that I found a few days ago; sorry I don’t remember where for sure, but I seem to think Fox News) is that the mainline series will continue, but that McCoy will be made the DA to replace Fred Thompson’s character. The “real life” reason for this is that Sam Waterston costs too much for them to keep giving him so much screen time, so they will hire a younger actor to take his place doing the heavy-lifting on the show.

In general, I’ve heard that of the franchise series, SVU is in the best shape for the future and that CI is in the worst shape. I believe that original episodes of CI will now air on USA or TNT, not NBC.

Anyway, that’s what I understand.

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