Way Of Life Apostasy Database

Here is one to make all Catholics angry.
Don’t feel alone as Pastor Cloud despises the Pentecostals as much as he dislikes the Catholics!
He also hates Anglicans, Methodists and just about everyone else.
He has a very large 'Apostasy Database" which he keeps on other churches, the Catholics and Pentecostals getting the lions share of his derision. Have a look if you don’t mind being angry.:slight_smile:

I’ve read tripe like this before, I’m especially partial for Jack Chicks stuff to, it always gives me a chuckle.

Too much time on their hands or sincerely held beliefs? You tell me. I’d love to know where they get it all from.

I don’t have a clue:D Pastor Cloud claims to be a Baptist yet I ran across the Southern Baptist Convention (The most conservative and Pro-Life Baptist group of all) in his Apostasy database as well:confused: I don’t know much about his teachings but obviously he alone knows the truth.

What you just said took root in my mind to a vaguely humourous effect. I got to thinking of the extreme example of Jerusalem Syndrome that some come down with when they visit the Holy Lands in that they find the experience so overwhelming they think that they are Christ. Then they go home and start up a website…

I suppose it would explain a lot!

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