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I’ve been looking up some stuff on Way of the Master that Kirk Cameron’s been doing for the last couple of years. From what I can tell they are pretty anti-Catholic, but I wondered if any of you guys have ever heard them confronted a Catholic that actually knows his faith; and they find a lot of this own positions refuted?


lol do you actually think they would post such a conversation on their website?

i also thik that the “good person” test that they put ppl through is so manipualtive its not even funny. alot of times when they start the conversation the person that they are talking to doesn’t even know that the discussion is in a religious context


That should be called the way of Cameron or something since it’s his interpretation of how he sees Christ as “witnessing”.

The problem here is that this whole thing is based on the idea that we are “saved” as a one time event as opposed to the lifelong conversion process that the Word of God teaches, so it’s badly flawed from the very outset.

It wouldn’t be very hard to counter his stuff. I could do it.
Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.


so what should one say when kirk and ray ask “would you consider yourself a good person”

should one say “no, i am a sinner” or “yes because all who are in christ are a new creation”


I would answer, what do you mean by “good person”?


Or you could use the words of Jesus: “No one is good but God alone” (Mark 10:18).


This is from Ray’s Living Waters site.

Our forefathers in the gospel shed their blood so that we could be free from the chains of Catholicism. But we must remember why their blood was shed. It was because they stood for the truth. So while it is legitimate to expose the error of Catholicism, it is even more important to stand up for the truth of the Gospel.


Also from how you witness to a “Roman Catholic”:

The problem is that he is most likely not born again. It is because of this, that there is contention. I have found that it is often a futile exercise to try and convince a Roman Catholic that the teachings of his church are erroneous. Instead, I open up the Law (the Ten Commandments), then say that if he is not born again he is not a Christian (I show him John 3 and say that Jesus said it–in the Catholic Bible). Unless that happens, he is unsaved and cannot enter Heaven (and there is no purgatory). I then spread it out by letting him know that if someone is a Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Salvation Army, Catholic or “whatever,” and is not born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God. When he is truly converted, the Holy Spirit will lead him into all truth and away from the error of Roman Catholicism.


I have ran into way of the master before. Ray and Kirk are anti-Catholic from what I have seen, but it has been my experience that those who follow this series are even more anti-Catholic.

God bless

LOL by they way I just saw this:

  1. Do you believe in “Once saved always saved?”

When people call and ask where I stand on the charismatic issue, prophecy, predestination, etc., I tell them that I don’t have an opinion because I don’t want to divide the Body of Christ.

AKA, I dont want to split my profits and alianate potential subscribers. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have been ‘assulted’ or ‘confronted’ by these people that subscribe to the ‘Way of the Master’ bs. I don’t like these people and the more I read about this stuff the angrier I get. Which is bad, and I mostly stay away from these arguments. However, I have a ‘born again’ friend who has been after me for years to go her way and she is extremely distraught about my catholicism.


Hello All,

I am closet “fan” of the “Way of the Master.” I watch their T.V. program out of Apologetic Curiosity. They, Cameron and Comfort make a lot of Biblical claims that just are not true. Their method is not as sound as they portray. I doubt their Ten Commandments Script really make as many converts as they assume. Frankly, if someone doesn’t believe in God or the Bible, then they are not going to take the Ten Commandments seriously. C.S. Lewis’ argument from Morality and Conscience is far stronger than Comfort’t take.

If one is ever confronted by the “Way of the Master,” I recommend the following:

WOTM: Do you consider yourself to be a good person?

RC: In the eyes of God or the eyes of Man?

WOTM: In the eyes of God, of course!

RC: No, I’m not a good person. I’m a sinner like everyone else. I’ve…[Insert Sin(s) Here]. Because of that sin, I need a savior. Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God died on the Cross to Save me from my sin. He left a Church to guide me through this Valley of Tears under the authority of the Bishop of Rome until he comes again in glory, or I procede into Eternity.

WOTM: :banghead:

I hope this helps. :bounce:


The test is hysterical!:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
BTW: I’m going to hell…


From my experience, they will not give up that easily.

In order to defend against this WotM stuff, you have to also defend the church and the standard accusations about idoltry, saint worship, pope worship, etc. Because they will attack the church based on those tired old standards.


You could do what Blessed St. Nicholas did when confronted by the heresy of Arius… slap him in the face! :smiley: Ehhhhh… maybe not the best idea :wink:


I emailed WOTM once to correct a theological error they made. I never got a reply.


Well, okay, I didn’t actually think they’d put that on their website. Nor would they put anything on their website for a well-education Lutheran, Anglican, Orthodox, or anyone who belongs to a liturgical church. I was more curious to know if any of you guys knew anyone who had been confronted by them, but the confronted was a well-educated Catholic that put the Way of the Master follower–be nice if it was Cameron or Ray themselves–on the defensive.


I like this tidbit its very telling why protestants can’t make a good religious movie.

"If I had had a hand in the making of “The Passion of the Christ,” I would have dropped all mysticism, and based it purely on Scripture."
Uh some of the most moving parts were the mysticism Mr Movie by Sola Scriptura who could forget the dialoge between Jesus and Satan. The Marian flashbacks of Jesus as a boy falling and as a carpenter. Mary visitng Jesus in prision when she is above Jesus chained and somehow knows exactly where he is. Mary Magadelene and Mary soaking up Jesus blood with cloths. And of course the much talked about Satan and ugly baby scene. Jesus cross being turned upsided down yet it does not hit the ground and Jesus is protected. Jesus carrying the cross and telling her I make all things new. Something not found in any of the Gospels but in the Book of Revelation. Even when Mel used scripture it didn’t have to go according to plan as Mr Sola Scriptura director Comfort would have had it. Kirk Cameron as Jesus ahh the horror. It would be funny though.

These are the touches that made the movie unpredicatable in places even though you knew the basic storyline this is why you pay your $10. Really am I going to pay $10 to watch Ray Comfort direct Kirk Cameron as Jesus in a 25 minute Sola Scriptura word for word last day of Jesus? WIth not mystical suprises just the words of Jesus, I don’t think so.

Also he gives this backhanded compliment to catholic filmakers.

You may be aware that Hollywood has produced a blockbuster movie centered on the things of God. You may also know that it was directed and produced by a Roman Catholic. While the film was based on Scripture, it contained a number of scenes that cannot be corroborated by the Bible. The movie I am referring to is the ever-popular Cecil B. DeMille’s “The Ten Commandments,” staring Charlton Heston. Mr. DeMille was a Roman Catholic,

ahh we direct all the religious classics hey we got Capra and Hitchcock as well something about the catholic imagination. Hey maybe its about thinking outiside sola scriptura that make catholics great artist whether is be the celluloid, sculpture or painting.


Both of those men need our prayers, along with those who have fallen into their truly evil traps.


i would like to see a clip of them “witnessing” to a catholic, just to see all of tyhe misconceptions they have about our faith


Maybe YouTube has one?


What did you write to correct them on?


I’d like to hear the answer to this as well.

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