Ways of Recovering from Mortal Sin?

So I’ve repented and went to confession and try to attend weekly mass but what are some other ways to recover from the guilt of mortal sin?

It depends on the sin. You should work on the opposite virtue of the vice. For example, if you committed a sin of the flesh then you should fast. If you failed to go to Mass, then extra prayer time, etc.

Perfect contrition and/or imperfect contrition and penance.

You’ve already fulfilled at least one of the conditions to “recover” (be forgiven from) a mortal sin; to repent (imperfectly) and confess the sin. (A “perfect” act of contrition is repentance for the love of God alone, and forgives without recourse to a further sacrament.) To be sure, do the penance prescribed, if there was one.

As far as “recovering” from sin in the Eastern sense, shall we say - recovering a relationship with God and drawing closer to him, not a “mere forgiveness” of sins, nor a simple divine reorientation of the sinner from Satan to God, but an actual walk towards the love of God and his doctrines and Church, repent frequently of your sins, cultivate the virtue that opposes the sin you most are tempted by, attend Mass regularly, go to confession on a regular basis, seek out a spiritual director or “confessor” in the fuller sense of the term, pray frequently according to both the Church (the Hours or Office) and your own sense, pray for the grace of perseverance, study doctrine and become (or remain) unswervingly orthodox, and practice acts of justice and charity.

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