Ways to fulfil Sunday Obligation if you can't make it to Mass either days - Holiday

Hello, I am a teenager who is a devout catholic, I am a bit concerned as I won’t be able to goto mass tomorrow as I will be on holidays, the car used and that the church I don’t know is 20-30 minutes away. I can’t make it but is there other ways to fulfil the Sunday obligations

If it is impossible to attend Mass, there is no obligation. The church doesn’t demand the impossible.

If you mean how can you make Sunday holy, then reading the Readings of the day from your missal would be a good place to start. It really depends on how much privacy you will have. Don’t be a recluse and spoil your family holiday, because that would not be kind.

You could read part of the liturgy of the hours as well. There are several websites which have them for free.

Www.divinumofficium.com is one.

If it is impossible to get to Mass then there is no obligation. God does not expect you to do the impossible.

However, if you are also asking if a person is able to attend Mass but doesn’t and how could the Sunday obligation be otherwise fulfilled the answer is that it can’t. If a person is able to attend Mass on Saturday evening or Sunday but doesn’t (other than for a justifiable reason) then that is a sin.

Public transportation? It would be probably close to 2 hours and not much fun to get to my church (also a half hour drive) on a Sunday taking the bus but in the unlikely event that I’d have to, I would take the bus. I know some locales lack public transportation though and services are usually cut back on Sundays.

Check your networks for EWTN- as last resort

Couldn’t go today but think it was justified, no car, transportation from my campsite was hard to arrange especially for a teenager as well as parents did not want me to necessarily go on holidays really, hopefully soon I can go again.

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