Ways to make Mass more interesting


-guest speakers to do the Homily? like a lay theologian/academic
-liturgical dance (have actually seen this done back in the eightees)


Perhaps the introduction of more beautiful/traditional music, or incorporating sung or chanted portions of the mass. One example of the sort of thing I’m talking about is the daily mass on EWTN, where the congregation chants the Pater Noster. Also, during communion and the meditation period after, there could be one or more sacred hymns or songs performed to help the congregation more profoundly reflect upon the mass and the Eucharist. I would be careful deviating too far from the traditional mass structure, as this could turn into more of a distraction from than an aid to worship during the mass. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I remember that only priests and deacons (and those superior to them of course) are allowed to give homilies during the mass, not lay people.

God bless!


More Latin, bells, chants, incense. A beautiful liturgy is always interesting to me.


Cringe - I would have to veto this one.


Liturgical dance?

Get ready…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


it was highly controversial at the time, if I remember correctly


I think it still is. That is what I meant by get ready for the replies to the suggestion of liturgical dance as a way to make Mass more interesting.


Definitely reading the Readings and gospel before mass at home for me :+1:t4:


Have the parishioners read the readings prior to the Mass and submit questions about them to the priest so the priest can address the common questions in the homily.




Mass is already interesting. I never know WHAT option the priest will pick, and even after several years, I keep hoping that THIS Sunday he’ll actually have us say the Creed, or recite approved Eucharistic prayers and not his own made up ones.

But if I were in a place where the Mass was celebrated according to the rubrics, it would be sufficiently interesting in a good way that if I paid full attention to it from start to finish that it would never need anything else to make it ‘more interesting’.


NO it’s not about being interesting goodcatholic. At Mass, we are at the foot of the cross on which Our Lord hung. At Mass, we are at the Last Supper, where Our Lord gave us His own Body and Blood to partake of. We are not their for things to be interesting. If the Word of Our Lord being read isn’t enough and receiving Our Lord Himself isn’t enough then we need to reevaluate ourselves and how we attend and prepare for Mass.


Teach people what the Holy Mass is, so that they may appreciate it. Don’t add modernist liturgical dance or other things which distract those who participate from remembering that they are truly participating in Christ’s Sacrifice.



Here is the BEST response I could give you! PLEASE watch and listen to the entire thing and maybe you will see what I can’t say as well as Father Mike does.

Taking Risks and Giving to God | Father Mike Schmitz #SteubieLonestar 2018

About 28 minutes, bear with the video even though it’s a bit jumpy. The message is worth it to listen to the end. Seriously this is what it’s all about. What do we give God?


Isn’t the homely always done by the priest or on rare occ. a decon?


More people caring why they are actually there?


I did like that!


If mass is uninteresting, it may be because someone does not really understand what is going on. A teaching mass is a great educational tool and can really change one’s experience. I am a cradle Catholic and found deeper meaning in mass after we had them at our church. I heard there are some on YouTube but cannot vouch for their quality.


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