Ways to Serve

I feel a strong pull toward some vocation in the Church. Although I would love to be a priest or deacon, I am 63 years old–too old for seminary under current rules. I am not independently wealthy. I need to earn money at something to survive.

I am a Jew by birth, but I was Baptised in The Episcopal Church in my 30’s. At one point in my life, I almost went to an Episcopal seminary. I am now a Catholic, and am intellectually attracted to the subjects of religion and spirituality–and especially Christian theology.

I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and Master’s degree in Communications. I have worked in a variety of jobs ranging from human resources, to small business owner, to driving a cab in suburban Detroit; so nothing immediately comes to mind, and my resume isn’t likely to jump off the stack, so to speak.

My chief asset, I am told, is my voice, which is radio announcer-like. I was actually on radio for a while, and I have done voice overs in the past.

Any suggestions?

Talk with your diocesan vocations director. Holy Apostles Seminary in Cromwell,CT, accepts older vocations. PIME there locally (I’m assuming you’re still in Detroit) is in the former convent of the Society of Mary Reparatrix. Not sure about their age limit.

With your broadcasting skills, you could DJ for remunerative work. Or be the “voice of” some sports team.


May not be in your skill set, although I’ve heard it may not be too hard. Maybe you can start some type of Catholic podcast on a variety of topics.

Another brainstorming idea I had was perhaps you could offer to read or record yourself reading the Bible for the blind.

Just a couple ideas off the top of my head to spur your imagination.

God bless,

Why don’t you write to your bishop outlining that you wish to serve the Church in some way. Tell him that you are interested in becoming a deacon. The cut off date varies in the church. Here it is 60 but I am going to try anyway even though I am now 62. That you have a couple of good degrees will show that you can cope with the discipline of study. Plus they like practical men.

All the best

You can also serve at home or anywhere just by praying. You don’t necesarily have to be incorporated in church. It’s just a suggestion.

Other than that, try becoming a member or be part of some activity at your local church if you feel that becoming a priest is too much for you. Finally, I wish you luck and may your goal be acomplished succesfully. Peace.:cool:

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