We accept the love we think we deserve

What are ways to help a young woman understand her own worth? My dearest friend jumps from one mentally abusive relationship to another. If people knew what she put up with stay friends with certain people, you would lose all respect for her. The Lord says turn the other cheek, she is a living doormat for others. It is difficult to watch. Honestly, she is pathetic and has little to no self respect. Why would you have a “friend” who insults your race, your hairstyles, clothing choices, religion, intelligence, personality. When you tell him problems, he pushes all the blame on you. When you try to end the relationship, that is when he decides to work things out. These events are always shortlived and he returns to himself once the relationship is secure for him.

I’d be wary of wisdom of the world, the so called wisdom being touted and heralded and taught in the world today. I’m not saying it’s completely without merit or base, or not to take it into consideration, but just that if you look in history, it’s always changing and always suited to the culture and age/era. (Ideas like dark colored skin people are subhuman, bloodletting is good for those very ill, etc. etc…every age has them, do we think we have it all together now perfect and right?) Those who lend total credence to it, become slaves to it, and often miss the mark of true love, the knowledge they tout serves to puff them up. It’s arrogance against God. Gods wisdom is always true, eternal, has been and always will be. Stick to that. Not platitudes of an era, deeply flawed, which serve the ego and not The Creator.

What does have to do with what I wrote?

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