We All Need Answers on Trump Team's Russia Contacts- George W. Bush


And also underlining the importance of the freedom of the press, and the importance of an immigration policy that is welcoming.

I can’t believe I am writing these words…George W. Bush is right. :thumbsup:

I know. Trump is bringing us together!

We also need any evidence the Dems have that Russia swayed the election for Trump.

It is the IC that has and is developing the evidence. This is not a partisan issue.

I’m old enough to remember when the people praising George W. Bush were calling him Chimpy McHitlerburton and living in fear of his coming theocracy.

yes this. I remember it too.

Whether Russia swayed the election or not, it’s just a matter of opinion and will remain so. There is no way to prove they swayed the election short of rounding up every voter who voted for Trump and obtaining sworn testimony from them on whether or not Russia influenced their choice. Even if that were possible, is it even legal ?

The focus should be on contact and interaction with Russia government officials during the campaign and between the time following the election up to the inauguration. Were any laws broken or even treason ?

Any information offered by Russia cannot be seen as a credible source. If they could be trusted at all we wouldn’t even be discussing this . So how else can it be investigated ?

  • phone taps ?
  • internet records ?
  • lie detector test ?
  • witness coming forward ?

I hope they do initiate an investigation if the breaking of law or treason is suspected. If neither of those are suspected then it would have to be an investigation into conflicts of interest.

Rest assured though when the day comes, and I am convinced it will come, Trump is called to sworn testimony, he’ll seal his fate.

And the sooner the better. The country can’t weather 4 years of Trump’s absurdities, denial, and attempted circumvention of his conflicts of interest.

Then there is Bannon. Trump is either playing head games with the media and our traditional allies, egged on by Bannon, or he is simply making sporadic and unmeasured statements on the fly in the most non diplomatic and absurd manner imaginable. Which also plays into Bannon 's warped embrace of chaos.

Steve Bannon a permanent member of the NSC ? A man influenced by the book The Fourth Turning ? That’s as unsettling as Obama’s embrace of Alinski.

It is said we get the leaders we deserve, and those who voted for Trump own this Trainwreck Administration. But the rest of the world doesn’t deserve it and certainly doesn’t need it to make matters worse then they already are.

How many bridges can one man burn :shrug:

What is the evidence that any wrongdoing has occurred?

The fact that even some republicans in Congress are in favor of an investigation tells me that there is a possibility evidence will be found.

Trump said he would deal with his conflicts of interest. Shouldn’t he provide evidence that he has ?

Bush is becoming quite the elder statesman. I was also heartened by his comments which I heard today saying the media is* not *the enemy of the people, but necessary to keep powerful leaders in check.

Bush is right. Our greatest threat is division imo. Trump seems determined to fuel it.

Trump will never be a statesman.




That’s the purpose of an investigation.

So what?

Not exactly relevant to what he said.

The answer to every criticism of President Trump can’t be “the left once called someone a name, so Trump is above criticism.”

Apparently someone revealing the truth about corruption of Hillary Clinton and Democrats and her opponent’s lack of sufficient Russophobia count as evidence.

To start an investigation, you need some evidence that something worth investigating has occurred. That is why I keep asking this question.

Americans, within the 50 individual state contests vastly decided they wanted Trump over Hillary. Trump won 30 states versus the 20 won by Clinton. Trump won 2600 counties versus Clinton’s 500. These clowns, who didn’t get their trophy, including the Bushes who always hold a grudge, want to throw doubt on the legitimacy of how that happened. They are a disgrace, but lack the integrity to feel any humiliation for how ludicrous they have become. If publishing Hillary’s emails caused her loss, the Dems now deviate from actual guilt to the influence of Russian. Yea Trump is a Russian spe and Putin stuffed ballot boxes. :rolleyes: Both Dems and Republicans were largely split over the findings of the Obama admin’s triumvirate who came up with this nonsense, none of whom are even intel analyst! but all political hacks. Not surprisingly, politicians on both sides reasonably believed that the briefing was as much about politics as it was hard intelligence. There’s zero hard intelligence that connects alleged Russian hacking to commands from Moscow and if you believe Putin would want Trump over Clinton one has to be totally dense or they need to be believe Putin is a total idiot. Devin Nunes: “No evidence Trump campaign was in contact with Russia”. The Dems, their media minions and some GOP establishment anti-Trumpers have become a caricature. The only hacking going on here is the left coughing up their own cow pies. The corrupt Dems were and are practicing McCarthyism before, during and after the election. It’s their only weapon left to try to fool the American people. Those sinners who refuse to be accountable must always find someone to blame. “It was that woman you gave me”, said Adam while Eve blamed the snake.

Bush is part of the Establishment, like his Father. Grandfather, and Great Grandfather before him. They’re family fortune is based their proximity to a powerful and pervasive central government. Trump is trying to shrink that government and reduce its influence. Is it any surprise that he’d come out to protect his family’s interests? Why didn’t he criticize Obama? Because Obama also wanted to increase the scope and power of government. We also shouldn’t ignore the fact that Trump beat George’s brother like a rented mule.

When you don’t have evidence, it’s not an investigation, it’s a fishing expedition.

There are plenty of Republicans in Congress who are unhappy about Trump and/or who have their own agenda.

Trump said he would deal with his conflicts of interest. Shouldn’t he provide evidence that he has ?

1st: what happened to innocent until proven guilty? IE, is there evidence that he has ongoing conflicts of interest?

2nd: is there evidence of conflicts of interest *vis à vis Russia? *

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