'We almost lost our lives': Woman possessed by demons in 'portal to hell' house that terrified even the police chief reveals new details of her family's terrifying ordeal

A woman whose horrific experience living in an Indiana home that she and even city police are convinced was a haunted ‘portal to hell’ has spoken out on her paranormal trauma and what it was like to be a family possessed.
Latoya Ammons says she has seen her own daughter levitate off a bed, her son walk up a wall so effortlessly that even a psychiatrist was at a loss and was herself the victim of demonic possession in what appears to be an average home in the Gary community near where Michael Jackson grew up.
‘Me and my mother and my children, we almost lost our lives,’ said Ammons, whose undeniably terrifying experience left her chilled to her core and now has an entire nation captivated by her spectral tale.

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Daily Mail? O-o-o-okay :rolleyes:

USA Today a more credible source?


Possessions, and exorcisms, are gaining more mainstream awareness.

These things come and go; there was a similar resurgence in occult interest during the 1980s.

It went away then, in part, because you physically can’t play a CD backward to hear occult messages as happened in the 60s and 70s with vinyl.


It’s tempting to grasp for the supernatural when natural explanations fail. But it’s trickier now than ever to do that because science explains away so many of these fairy tales.

Schizophrenia, for example, is no longer “possession,” because, in fact, it never was. Thus I am wary of any worldview which attempts to limit our knowledge of the natural world. If it wasn’t for scientific inquiry, we would still be burning schizophrenics alive instead of treating them.

I’m not pronouncing any kind of judgement on this case since I’m not in a position to do that. But I can say with certainty that the lack of immediate natural explanations doesn’t automatically make these experiences supernatural.

Which is why the Church is extremely conservative in calling for exorcism.

When one’s knowledge of an event is wholly anecdotal, there is no way to know for sure.


Then I should say, more accurately: possessions, and exorcisms, are *currently *gaining more mainstream awareness. It has been showing up, conspicuously more often, in Spiritual forms where I participate, and in news articles. It seems to be a current “wave” of awareness. At least, it is in my sphere of awareness.

There is no need to play anything backward.
Immorality abounds in the plain lyrics.

No entirely correct…yes science CAN explain some of these things, but we are also warned by the bible that the secular world would attempt to fool many people in this way. If science continually explains away all these incidents, over time, it will sway the publics opinion and eventually no one will ever attribute anything to God or Satan…this is where it gets dangerous, Just because science CAN explain why some of things happen the way they do, does not mean it is a natural event.

Personally, I go with my gut on these cases and hopefully I can spot the true ones from the hoaxes. this should not be that difficult for a person with enough faith.

Remember mainstream science also would like us to believe we were all created out of a gooey swamp and evolved from a walking fish LOL Dont believe everything science tells you. they have an agenda of their own.

Yes, actually :smiley:


I am really not sure what to think about this. Whether or not it was an actual case of demonic possession, I have no idea. I think I would want to hear from the Church about this instance before I made a judgment call. However, I don’t think that the Church would speak about any particular instances such as this out of respect for the privacy of those involved. However, if the lady gave her permission to the Church then perhaps a bishop or someone would speak about it.

Nevertheless, I do believe that instances like this can and do happen and that they are caused by demonic involvement. What brings on the demonic involvement is different in every case of course. Sometimes there is a family member who is involved with the Occult if even only in a casual manner such as playing with a Ouija board. Other times it could be that someone cast a curse on someone else. I have heard of instances like that happening where someone cast a curse on another person and it caused the person who was cursed to become possessed. I have no idea whether or not that can actually happen but I am pretty sure I read an exorcism story of the sort on EWTN’s website.

The Church performed three exorcisms.

Oh please, Gary IN is itself a portal to Hell.

I found out about his case this morning, at a news story at a secular AM talk show station in Los Angeles, CA. As you could imagine, they kind of made fun of the situation, but I totally believe that this case could and probably did happen. I looked it up on youtube that addressed the matter and apparently a Catholic Priest was called in to do an exorcism on the 3 young children which were allegedly possessed by demons and the house itself was infested by 200 demons. Many eyewitnesses can confirm the story including the local sheriff department and a social worker who saw the manifestations first hand. They saw things like the kids climbing on the walls and ceilings backwards, shadow figures, levitation, hearing voices, and some other things that can occur in this situation. This kind of stuff only verifies that Christianity is true, Jesus is Lord, and the Catholic Church is His Church. I hope this story would not only fascinate people about the paranormal, but also lead many into Christianity and non-Catholic Christians into the Catholic Church. The devil roams around the world like a roaring lion seeking to whom he may devour, like the good Book says, may God protect us from such evil.

[Father] Maginot said he needed other priests to give him the ritual for a minor exorcism, which does not require church approval. The priests he consulted told him to look it up on the Internet.

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