We Are Adopting!

Hey People,:wave:

Just wanted to share the joyful news, …my wife and I are adopting a baby boy. Its the same old tragic story…she is basically homeless, single,no money, job or family support. The “father” wanted her to have an abortion-didnt want ***IT ?!?***. :mad: Well anyway, we are saving this little angel and taking him into our home, we’ve had problems having children of our own. So you see , God will answer prayers :thumbsup: and there are better choices for unplanned pregnancy. Just wanted to share it with you all…

Thanks and Good Night:sleep:


CONGRATULATIONS!!! My husband and I are the adoptive parents of 3 children–2 girls, 1 boy. We are so blessed. Our children are the greatest gifts. All of them could have been victims of abortion. It would have been easier for Birthmoms to abort than to have to fight the popular society regarding placing a child for adoption.

God Bless You and tell us all about the soon to be “Gotcha Day”!!! I’ll be looking :slight_smile:

Thanks for saving a precious boy from the abortion holocaust! God bless you.

my Mother my Confidence,

What wonderful new! What a lucky little boy. Congratulations to all three of you.

That’s wonderful. What a joy. CONGRATULATIONS!


What glorious news! Congratulations and may God richly bless you and your new family. He has already begun!!!

It is such a blessing to have a child and adoption is such a wonderful alternative. My husband is adopted and I frequently am struck that our kids would not have been born if my husband’s biological mother had chosen a different road. Now, your new son will have the same chance!

Congratulations Dad & Mom! :dancing:

Congratulations!!! All three of you are blessed for finding each other.

Prayers to you and the birthmother for making the right decision.

Congratulations!!! We adopted two baby girls from China. One thing I urge you to do is pray for the birth parents. We celebrate “birth-parents day” on the day before their birthday (because China is a day ahead, it makes sense for us-the birth parents will probably be thinking of them then). We say prayers throughout the year but on “birth-parents day” we go and light a candle and make a point to talk about the courage of their birth mothers. Yes, my five year old knows that the government in China doesn’t allow women to have and keep all of their babies, she doesn’t know all the details yet though.

God Bless you! and thank you for being open to Life!!!


Congratulations!!! :clapping:

…congrats. I have a niece from China and she is also my God child… Beautiful… :thumbsup:

…thank the Lord every day…:slight_smile:

…you will be blessed for your generosity and love:clapping:





We are the parents of two adopted children. It is so special to know that even before they were conceived, God knew we would be their parents!

The minute you hold your son in your arms, he is yours forever! We always end our bedtime prayers with “Thank you, Lord, for making us a family.”

God bless you and your little one! :angel1:

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