We are all called to be missioinaries

Look to the early church, all of the martyrs, the lengths they went to practice the faith and spread it to others, these people literally died, were tortured, shunned, and destroyed in all areas of their lives for the faith. Compare this to now, we mamby pamby around, playing politically correct in order not to make too many waves, staying within our little corners and have became one of many sects, not at all going to the lengths the early church went.

We are called to not only spread the faith, but to speak out, to stand out, to firmly state we are CATHOLIC, and this is who we are, what we are about, that this is the true faith, the one faith that is closest to what God wants all mankind to follow. Not some glossed over, feel good, suto catholic faith, not some wanna be, christian leaning protestant denomination, not some crazy new age, or eastern, or some crazy cult like faith, and we have plenty of the latter that’s gained too strong of a foot hold.

How we fall short, seriously, the early church went to the level of giving up their very lives for it, they didn’t give them up just to sustain some luke warm, politically correct, one hour a week faith, how far are you and I willing to go to spread the faith, how dire is it in our minds? Don’t we realize the scale of it all, that the vastness of the population still live completely dead inside? Our role as Catholics are to be missionaries to the world, in the workplace, in the streets, in the restaurants, in the book store, etc. etc. etc., every where we go, we absolutely must take every single opportunity to show them, that this is the gift given to us, and we are given it to share with others, with the rest of mankind itself…

Evangelization can be as simple as wearing your crucifix outside of your shirt, carrying your catholic bible with you when you go places, showing compassion, love, and mercy in any given situation, situations where you clearly see someone in need of help, if they see an outward indication of our faith, lending a helping hand, such as helping a stranded motorist can do wonders. We must show the true face of our faith shine through, as true believers, if anything to counter bad experiences others had of other members of our church. We have so many opportunities to spread the faith, it’s overwhelming. Just praying with someone in distress or just having bad day, or better yet, helping them start a regular prayer life will do wonders. Always carry an extra crucifix or holy medal on your person to give out to people at random, they are cheap and speak volumes about our faith without us having to speak a word ourselves.

Always be sure to invite people to join you in mass, make very sure you specify the time and place you attend as well as where you will be seated, just so they know there will be a friendly familiar face there, and do your best to warmly welcome all visitors.

Peace, Brian

Being on CAF is part of it; thanks be to God!
And we have to try to keep on learning so that we can do a better job of it.

i remember mother angelica, “Every person should be a missionary. We need to be so excited about our faith that we want to share it with our neighbors.” :wink:

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