We are all called to evangelize?


1 Co 12 says we have different gifts as the Spirit decides. Doesn’t that imply that we don’t all have the gift to evangelize?


Evangelizing is something we’re all called to do. We may do it in different ways, such as through being a healer or teacher etc., but evangelization is something we’re all called to.


Evangelization isn’t one of the gifts mentioned, so, no, none of us are exempt from evangelization.


The reason I asked the question, partially, is that not all gifts are mentioned, like fund raising or teaching children.

1 Co 14 mentions that we all should pray and strive for the gift of prophecy, which would be the Biblical way of saying evangelization, yes? no? That says the gift we all should strive for.


There are many levels of gifts – charismatic gifts, natural talent and learned talent. The gifts mentioned in 1 Cor 12 are the charismatic gifts or charism, which are from the Holy Spirit, their purposes are for the upbuilding of the body of Christ, meaning for the corporate body of believers.

We also have natural talent and ordinary talent that can be learned and developed. These are from ourselves but of course we can attribute them to God since God knows all things.

The difference between the charism and natural talent is that there is an element of extraordinariness or miracles in the former and normal human work in the latter.

We are all called to evangelization, which takes in many different forms. Some can proclaim the word of God, some are good in giving comfort, while others are good supporters and friends. Some are rich who can give material things, and the poor who are no less important in the work of evangelization.

Just know that, evangelization comes in different forms. You do not have to be very talented, you just have to want to bring the love of God to the people, and you will be a good evangelizer.


Being an evangelist doesn’t mean we should all be standing on street corners proclaiming the gospel. Simple acts of kindness as often as opportunity presents, are far more effective.



And, even if you don’t feel you are good at many of the above things you can evangelize through your life!

Be a good Catholic Christian in the world. People will notice. Some may ask questions. Answer those questions to the best of your ability and let God do the rest.

You know, the Roman martyrs and early Christians did this and eventually changed the entire Roman Empire and the world. When others showed selfishness and disregard for life, the early Christians showed love and treated everyone with love and compassion. When a plague fell on Rome, those who could fled to the country side to wait it out, but the Christians stayed. They nursed the sick and comforted the dying. When Romans discarded their unwanted children in garbage dumps or sewers, the Christians built orphanages, took those children in, loved them and raised them.

We are once again at a time when the true and authentic Christian life is at odds with society. Be radically different.

There is something we ALL can do to help bring souls to Christ.


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