We are going to be judged for every idle word!

That’s what Jesus has said. Doesn’t this mean that telling jokes, talking about useless stuff (for example “What would I do if I won the lottery”), talking to yourself (I do that often so it’s hard for me to stop) are sinful? If that’s not what Jesus meant by this Bible verse, then what is it? It’s not mean word, or word of adultery, jealosy, gossip, etc. So what is it about?
Also, is saying something just because you feel uncomfortable keeping your mouth shut a sin? Is it grave matter?

no, it doesn’t. but i’ve written more than a few idle words here, and i regret them and repent of them.

You should use the Net to research " Semitic exaggeration" as a cultural and literary device.

Idle words are like idle deeds. They are lazy manifestations of our being. God wants us to use our thoughts and our deeds in a strenuous and meaningful way. So useless (lazy)thoughts and useless (lazy) deeds will be judged adversely, just as useful and meaningful thoughts and deeds will be judged favorably.

But there are so many useless things we say! Talking to ourselves while pretending to talk to others, small talk, telling jokes, speaking about things that are fictional (without sayinng moral of the stories), talking about food, clothes, etc. singing secular songs (especiatelly singing in the bath), shouting “Auch!” when we get hurt. In usual circumsances (without being worried that I will sin) I would even say aloud text I am writing here (it makes writing easier for me). All of this things that we say are idle, aren’t they? Also, if it’s sin to say any word in vain, why does 2nd commandmant forbid only using God’s name in vain?

it’s all about context my friend. be careful with your joking, but laughter can be a wonderful blessing.

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