We are Made in the Image of God

That means we are all worthy and beautiful. Why does society have a standard of male and female beauty? Some argue there is science behind why some people are more widely considered beautiful than others. I am not sure honestly. To God, is the saint as worthy as the worst sinner? What good is it become a saint? If God loves us all equally no matter what we do, why follow God? Why is God the harshest on his followers? He allows some to persist in their sins for years - sadly sometimes devastating the lives of others. They never suffer for their sins on Earth. God does not want us to be angry at those who hurt us, but why not? Why did He make us human, yet hold us to be Godly standards? I monitored myself for a whole day. I had sinful thoughts, intentions, and committed sinful deeds. When I noticed how sinful I am, I wonder what good it is to have any friends. They must have very sinful thoughts and impure motivations as well. It is going to make it difficult for me to trust any person. Why does God want us to accept suffering? Didn’t Jesus already suffer?

God loves us all equally no matter what we do, but He is also infinitely just and will - if we separate ourselves from Him - permit us to do so into eternity.

God allows us to do this because He gave us free will. He did not want marionettes dancing on the ends of strings, He wanted beings with intelligence, conscience, and choice.

God is harshest on his followers because they know better.

We follow God because we wish to be with Him, Who is the creator, purpose, and goal of our very being in existence.


"We are made in the Image of God’ is a basic truth. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to examine all the facets of this truth.

The first point in post 1 is – “That means we are all worthy and beautiful.” Yes, we are that. Our species is peerless in the material/physical environment. We can rightfully say that we are the pinnacle of earthly creation.

But – we cannot simply say that we are worthy and beautiful and then ignore what worthy and beautiful entails. What good is that?

The general knowledge about God includes the obvious that He is beautiful. Since we are peerless beings on earth, we can explore the idea that we are worthy of God’s beautiful friendship. We, as creatures, have always been aware of something other and beyond our own nature. Since the beginning of human history, we have this inherent sense of the super-natural or spiritual. Mankind has not always been proper or correct in the search for the super-natural, but that does not mean that human’s inherent sense of God disappears forever.

In addition, beautiful is far more appealing than the ugly. With that in mind, we recognize that ugly is also a part of our sojourn on earth. This brings us to one of the many basic questions of life. What makes us worthy to seek the ultimate beauty of God. Our decomposing anatomy is not all that helpful when it comes to ideas about eternity. At this point, we need to recognize that our own human nature is an union of both the spiritual and physical worlds. This union is not two separate things. This union itself is what makes us human with a single human nature.

When we recognize our own spiritual principle aka rational spiritual soul, we realize that being spiritual, we can connect with the Spiritual Being of God. Obviously we are not God, we are in the image of God. Being in the image of God, makes us worthy of His friendship.

Both the question and the answer are very uplifting. Thanks. God bless:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Good thread. God bless:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Well to begin with God did not make it harsh on his followers, the world does. This is not the world of God, if it was there would be no sin. Sin is what makes people suffer.

God gives us free will to follow him, or follow sin. Those who choose sin and refuse to repent and quit, this world becomes theirs. Those who refuse to engage in sin, or when they fall, repent and get back on track this is no longer their world either.

I believe that suffering is a result of sin. Rather it is ours or others. Sometimes we suffer for our sins, sometimes others suffer as a result of our sin. Same consequences suffering.

I believe that is why we are here to see what sin truly is, and what it truly causes. And I believe that is why we all want to be Saints in the next world and not sin, because of the suffering we see.

Sometimes its better to know what suffering is, to understand it.

The old saying until you walk in someones shoes you will never truly understand the pain or reasons for what they do.

Suffering to me is really true understanding.

And also remember just because God loves us, does not meant we love God and want him to be part of our lives.

God loves us enough to let us choose him, and not push himself on us. Hopefully we all want to choose him. When we do we can actually experience a piece of him through his Holy SPirit and even suffering is ok. As long as he is with us.

It is better to suffer WITH God then live happy in sin without him. Because with him ends suffering, but without him is unending suffering.

Bottom line, even if your Child would hate you (God forbid) could never change your love for him or her.

The love of God is eternal, everlasting.

It means that we look like God. God made us to lknow, love and serve Him. The aliens don’t share this special calling. They don’t look like us. They have their own agenda.

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