We are making Christmas gifts


I am SOOOOOOOOO proud of DH! We are making cloth napkin sets for Christmas gifts for our family members, and he is doing so well! He doesn’t really sew, but he is learning very quickly. He is using a rotary cutter to cut out these neat squares of fabric, and we will take our serger with us to his parents’ house and finish them there— he is learning to serge and sew also! He is even making a big flannel comforter for his brother’s gift!

I am just ecstatic that I have such a wonderful, loving husband! I am blest beyond what I ever thought possible, and constantly discovering new depths of DH’s wonderful being!


This is very nice. I can’t imagine my own husband sewing, although he is great in other ways.

If you ever watch Mythbusters, by the way, you will observe two guys sewing.


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