We Are the Light of the World


We have used We Are the Light of the World as an Entrance Hymn and as a Communion Hymn.

Have you used We Are the Light of the World at your church?



Another oldie. We have used it as an exit hymn. We have a syncopated arrangement that we have used in recent years.


Depends on the church I attend that day. I may not hear any hymns in English (or Latin) at all!




Not for years, thank goodness.


I truly despise that song. It utterly perverts the message of the beatitudes.


No, but we had “Hail, Queen of Heaven” for the first time in years, the other week, and the congregation fairly belted it out.

The choir master had nervously asked our (newish) priest if we could, and he seemed surprised to be asked.

I know there are a couple of members of the congregation who worry about the theology of it, but I can’t bring myself to. It has a special place in our hearts, and plenty of fine sentiments.


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