We are the "true Church"

in catholic church history has there ever been people showing up claiming they have "the truth and everyone else is damned if they dont follow us? Like for instance fred phelps says his only church is the way to heaven even though they are calvinists

Well heresy, which is what you are speaking of, arrived very early in Church history. Most of the letters in the New Testament speak to this problem.

A very interesting read in this regard is Dissent from the Creed by Fr. Richard M. Hogan. In it, we see that there were those who left the path of revealed truth very early on, believing that they alone had the truth. All were disproven and condemned, as was protestantism, as far as that goes. You may be assured that, no matter how sincere a group is, they are preaching some form of heresy if they reject the Apostle’s and/or Nicene creeds, claiming only to have a “statement of beliefs.”

Galatians 1: 8,9.

But even if we or an Angel from heaven should preach to you a Gospel other than the one that we preached to you, let that one be accursed.
As we have said before and now I say again if anyone preaches to you a Gospel other than the one that you received, let that one be accursed.

It could not be made clearer than the above.

Pretty much every schismatic or heretical group has taught this.

If the Catholic Church is the true church why is it that in the past fifty plus years has there not been one catholic that has witness to me about Jesus Christ and His saving grace or invited me to church to hear the message? There have been plenty of Protestants in my lifetime that has brought this message to me and invited me to their church. just saying. Are Catholics even allowed to invite non-Catholics to mass? just wondering.

Unfortunately Catholics are a bit laid back about inviting others to come along with them to Mass as it was looked upon as that is what Protestants do but we don’t that Thank God is now being rectified Pope Francis has told us to go out and evangelise and just because we have the truth does not mean we just sit back and do nothing

I am personally with the Legion of Mary who go door to door so I try to evangelise that way if I am told they are not Catholic I give them literature on the Catholic Church and ask them to venture into the Catholic Church, sit at the back, and follow from there. Only the Lord gives the faith, as faith is a Gift, know one asked me to go to Mass etc before I was a Catholic, but sometimes when we are interested we find out for ourselves, which is what I did, did you ever read the Church Fathers, i.e. St. Ignatius of Antioch , Clement of Rome, or some books on Converts (I have not written anything yet) Scott Hann - Rome sweet Home, if you go onto EWTN -catalogue- Books, there are quite a number of books written by Converts who swam the Tiber. If you watch EWTN you should watch Marcus Grodi, who was a Presbyterian Minister and now a Catholic Layperson who interviews Converts on a programme called “The Journey Home”.

God Bless May the Lord Grant you the Gift.

This is one huge problem with the Catholic Church - but one that is being addressed. If you desire to seek the truth, do not wait for an invitation. Go to the nearest parish. Ask questions. Be in the presence of Jesus Christ, even while alone.

As you may have noticed, there is a new evangelization being promoted by the word and example of Pope Francis.

Where are you? Chances are that someone from CAF would be glad to meet with you and take you to a mass.

Of course we are allowed to invite anyone to Mass. But in all honesty, why would we invitea a Protestant to Mass when most simply want to condemn everything about the Catholic Church. We should be out evangelizing! Dont get me wrong. But in all honesty , would you really go with ANY intention of being open to the truth of Catholic Church? Would any of your Protestant friends? I speak about my faith all the time very openly to all my friends, and they invite me to their churches. But I think its mostly with the belief they are gong to convert me that I have been invited to their church. And based on knowing someof them well, they have no interest in stepping foot in a Catholic Church and even considering that the “whore of Bablyon” is the true Church. So I simply witness to them by being a good and faithful Christian and Catholic. I have seen much better response from that than I would if I simply invited them to Mass. And now after some time, I going to invite some friends to Mass who I think I have convinced that I have a true and deep faithfulness to Jesus Christ because of my Catholicism , not despite it!

But dont confuse the failure of Catholics to be good evanglizers with the truth of the Catholic Church. The truth is objective and outside of any group of bad Catholics you may know. Furthermore, inviting someone to church is not necessarily the best or only way to evangelize. Unfortunately, you apparently have not come across good Catholic witnesses. However, that is not to say we are not out there as my and other posters are telling you.

Thank you for you honest comment and question. God bless! Yours in Christ.

Thanks everybody for your replies, I’ll continue to read and study and listening to Catholic radio. Maybe one day I will visit a Catholic church. But for now I still think that the true church is made up from true believers in Christ Jesus from both the Catholic Church and the protestant churches.

If they believe and are baptized, yes. The Catholic Church teaches that all who believe and are baptized are in a form of communion with the Catholic Church, albeit an imperfect communion. Thus, “No salvation outside the Church” means those who do not believe, or are not baptized, or both.

As to mass, just go. As well, find out when they offer adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, or “holy hour.” A consecrated host (being the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ) is placed in a fixture and set atop the altar for our worship. Spending time before our Lord is an intensely spiritual time, although you may read scripture, pray or simply ask Him to reveal that He is truly there.

As Fr. Benedict Groeschel says, “When you are aware that He is there, you will be changed.” Happened to me.

I have spent most of my life searching for the Truth, there is after all only One Truth, but since this planet is full of men, who state claimage to the truth (ie facts), it is very easy to be tossed to and fro, by the winds of doctrine, so I became more interested in finding the Church which claims it’s status FROM the Truth (Jesus), not vice versa.

Then the question became easy to answer.

Hi Lyle,

I am in the midst of converting to the Catholic faith from being a lifelong Protestant. I was evangelized by Catholic media (radio and television, mainly) which led me to further personal study and, finally, acceptance of Catholic teaching. Not only that, the area I live in is heavily Catholic and has a huge impact on the local culture with their schools, hospitals, charities, sports organizations, fish fries, etc. Different faith communities have different ways of evangelizing, and while you may not have had your doorbell rung by Catholics handing out tracts like the Baptists do, the Catholic Church is definitely working in the world to fulfill Christ’s mission. However, it is also up to each of us as Christians to share the Good News in the place God has planted us, on a personal level with others in our lives. There are many modern Catholic evangelists today that are sharing that message with the faithful, and you will hear it if you attend Mass as well.

thanks betsybug may God bless you on your spiritual journey. I watch and listen to a lot of Catholic media also. I have also got a few books from Catholic answers also. I listen to ewtn mass every morning on my way to work. One day though when the Lord leads I will attend mass. thank you for sharing.

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