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But then we have a double standard. It would be inconsistent to say that Catholic non profits should be able to take federal money, but then say that PP shouldn’t be able to take money from the government. We’d be hypocrites if we weren’t consistent


It would also be illegal. Charities can make their own rules until they take government monies…then they have to obey government law unless they can get a legal exception to it.


The challenge is, simply having a spouse or partner does not mean there are many resources. When couples have an abortion, they do it because 2/3 of women who have abortions do so because they cannot afford another child. That means these women are having abortions because they are afraid. We need to do Christianing better so no woman, married, partnered or single, is afraid.


Yep, where is the data?


To an earlier post, we use medicaid to offer complete medical care to those who are pregnant and need the care.

The problems of the Foster system have little to do with the pro-life discussion. The kids stuck in the system come from failing homes. Unwanted babies are readily adopted out of the system unless they have severe medical issues.


Medicaid for Pregnant Women does not pay the rent or the light bill or the car payment. It does not protect her job while she goes to pre-natal doc appointments. The women who have low income to qualify for Medicaid also live from paycheck to paycheck. They cannot afford to miss even a few hours of time, let alone lose their job.

As for Foster Care, your state may have a far higher placement rate. That does not mean that everyplace is the same. Not every “unwanted child” is given up as a newborn.


If more people waited until marriage, I suspect there would be less abortions. I don’t have any stats on this though, it is my assumption


The Kingdom of God for the Salvation of souls and protection of justice like the psyches of the parents so damaged, and the helpless children painfully brutally murdered by the thousands every single day needs to be promoted in every venue.
Thank God that was done to abolish slavery.
I see a lot of one-sided approaches here; probably from younger people who have grown up in a time when this heinous heartbreaking evil has been ‘legal’ for so long;
which only fosters and encourages acceptance.
Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, Popes, Dietrich and Alice von Hildebrand all taught and prophesied that more and more evil will be accepted or complacency toward;
in The Church & world - that it was happening so gradually, that many in The Church and world would not know what has transpired.
The Mystical Passion of Christ, is, by sheer numbers of unearned sufferers, and complacency of many - has reached the highest crescendo in history.
But few notice.
May the Church be purged of the many faceted hidden proven by some of those I noted infiltration of hidden agendas. “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing,” airing on EWTN, a historical documentary shows the tip of the iceberg.
Those who walk the walk, devout learned teachers in The Church who have been sharing these things; are often ignored, or even referred to as some kind of radicals by many who love the status quo, even with occasional speaking up for justice for all at times. One day they will be vindicated.
Also, highly recommended, and can be read for free after being queued on a waiting list, here: https://archive.org/details/trojanhorseincit00vonh . It is the 1993 printing of “A Trojan Horse in The City of God: The Catholic Crisis Explained” by Dietrich von Hildebrand. It may be a bit deep for some tastes, but it is very enlightening. Peace.


I can’t give you any statistical reports except I personally know people where this has been the case.


Not sure which statement you are replying to.


You aren’t making sense.

Medicaid covers medical costs, that you demand it be Universal Income is ridiculous, we have other programs and laws that address every complain you made.

Welfare covers subsistence costs, if you qualify.
She’s already legally protected from firing because she’s pregnant

Living from paycheck to paycheck is more about how you manage your money, not how much you get. I’ve known quite a few middle income people who also live from paycheck to paycheck.


If anyone knows a mother in need, please visit the following page that has contact information for Sisters Of Life; who actually do help women.
and they help protect children from the excruciating murder by abortion,
that so many accept even if ‘personally opposed’ as some kind of social justice solution to poverty and other ills, with some kind of ‘gradualism’ or ‘progressive’ approach, or whatever various so called ‘palatable’ acceptable terms for fostering the status quo of ‘legal’ execution of helpless children.


Sometimes, yes. Some people have little impulse control, and too much reliance on credit cards.
But not always. Sometimes it is exactly about how much you get. Been there.


Since my family has adopted a kid who was in the foster care system, I can tell you that the parent (or parents) who head these “failing homes” only do it to take advantage of the stipend the State provides. More often than not, the people who run these foster homes bend the rules and take in as many children that their house/apartment can legally take in. Since each child gets a specific amount each month, they take that money that is supposed to provide for these kids in order for them to live, and use it without the need to have a secondary source of income. They buy unhealthy food to get the most out of their money, and often ignore the emotional well-being of these kids.


So you are saying the Foster parents aren’t much better than their bio parents?

While I can agree that some Foster parents are nothing to brag about, bio parents are usually far more dangerous. I repeat, such problems with the Foster system have nothing to do with the pro-life discussion, unless we are going to start ‘permitting’ who is allowed to produce children.

For clarification, I work PT in a group home and I think the foster parents you describe are still better than most group homes, which are still better than the situations the child is leaving.


No, this isn’t the case with all foster homes, but just the ones who are in it for the money. There are maybe foster homes who are also very loving, as these children who are leaving these situations need to be raised with a lot of love.
As for the reason as to why there are group homes to take in these kids is because of a lack of foster homes. But some people have taken the initiative to change this, like for instance these people in Alabama:


Group homes are mostly in it for the money as well. Though non-profits they survive by following basic business practices.

A group home is better than the bio parents but the love you suggest won’t really be there in a group home. The staff are constantly changing, pay is minimum wage, and any shows of affection are against the rules. Group homes provide safety and some stability, but not really a loving environment.

Thanks for your link, a good story about how the quality/quantity of foster homes can be improved with the right effort. I thought the LGBTQ criticism was spurious since DCFS can still place such children out of the community if they so choose (as they already were doing before this effort).


Would you point me to those sources because in my job I have between 5 and 20 calls per day from different people each day who need this.

Would you also please show me this in the Federal Laws? Does it apply to every employer of any size? What about for cause, can a pregnant woman be fired because she did not show up to work until 10 AM when she was scheduled for both work and a pre-natal appointment at 9 AM?


In the United States, the Pregnancy Discrimation Act protects women from being fired in case she gets pregnant.

“Pregnancy discrimination involves treating a woman (an applicant or employee) unfavorably because of pregnancy, childbirth, or a medical condition related to pregnancy or childbirth.”

Going to a prenatal appointment would be considered as a “medical condition related to pregnancy or childbirth”, since you’re checking up on how well your baby is doing.

As for being fired because you showed up late for work because of going to a prenatal appointment, I found this.


Sure, these are on the books, of course there are qualifications for each.

The part time McDonald’s worker is not likely to be given time off for doc visits.

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