We can sell you that Holy Ghost feeling--Mormons


I think this is one of the most interesting things I have ever seen. As many of you know the LDS Church bases its truthfulness on people getting a “feeling” they claim to be the Holy Ghost. Pray about the Book of Mormon and if you are sincere you will get that special feeling that it is true. I just found this advertisement from the communications arm of the LDS Church, an outfit named Bonneville International:


Especially note this:

“Their unique strength is the ability to touch the hearts and minds of audiences, evoking first feeling, then thought and, finally, action. They call this uniquely powerful brand of creative HeartSell® — strategic emotional advertising that stimulates response.”

So the LDS Church understands how to sell that Holy Ghost feeling! This is truly an amazing admission from a company owned by the LDS Church. They know how to manipulate feelings to get the required response from their adherents.


Yeah, looks like they’ve got it trade-marked and everything!




I was thinking more on the line of warm fuzzies. It’s no wonder those films on Temple Square get so many Mormons feeling the Spirit. This is the group that produces them.


During the last General Conference of the church, they had a film between meetings on the saturday, and it had that effect, and it was a film selling the truthfullness of the Book of Mormon, and it did capture my spirit, but the funny thing is that I never had confirmation of the truthfullness of the Book of Mormon in my life.

Funny stuff here, never would have thought of something like this.


I think Mormons often look at warm fuzzies produced by church films as confirmation the Mormon Church is true. These people apparently know exactly the right words, music, etc. that will cause a Mormon to offer nearly unquestioning obedience to their leaders in SLC – sounds very cultish to me. I know how often Mormons have told me they felt the Spirit after viewing the movie “Legacy” which is a movie about early Mormon pioneers. It helped them gain a “testimony” of how God was leading the early Mormon Church. I’m pretty sure it was produced by Bonneville. If this description of Bonneville’s work doesn’t undermine the value of this Mormon “testimony” experience, I don’t know what would do it.

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