We Christians do not recognize any "Catholic teachings" whatsoever


This post was taken from a thread on praying to saints.


Galatians in no way does it provide the Canon of scripture.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say, “these are the books that will comprise the bible: genesis, exodus…etc etc”



Ask them my infamous 4 questions :slight_smile:

Using Scripture alone, please tell me:

  1. Where it says that the number of books in the New Testament is officially 27?
  2. Where does it say what books belong in the NT?
  3. Where does it say what versions of the books belong in the NT? For example: There was a version of Matthew’s Gospel that had 8 chapters worth of text. Another with 18. A third with 28. Which one is the correct one, using Scripture alone?
  4. Where does it say which TRANSLATION of the books in the NT is the correct one?
    The answers to these infamous 4 questions were determined infallibly, and correctly. If they’re not, then there’s no way to practice the principles of Sola Scriptura, since there’s no “Scriptura” to be the “Sola” authority.
    According to Sola Scriptura, there must be a scriptural basis for these infallibly determined beliefs. So I look forward to the Bible verses that answer these 4 questions.


actually, this statement is blasphemy. The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit will NEVER leave the church, which is the pillar of truth. As such, to say that the influence of the Holy Spirit on the Apostolic succession of the church finished with the deaths of the original apostles is to deny the word of Christ Himself.

HOWEVER, in a different way this person is right… by apostolic succession the Pope and the bishopry ARE the apostles of the church and as such share in the full blessing of the Holy Spirit.

you said … “Did the Bible provide its own canonical authority?”

Actually, yes it did. Take a look …

Galatians 1:5-6: " … but there are some who pervert the gospel of Christ. Even if we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel to you than what we preached to you, let him be accursed, and again, let him be accursed."

All this proves is that the protestants who corrupted the God-given teachings of the church are occursed. The Gospel was written and maintained by Catholics, as is the fullness of Christ and the Holy Spirit’s teachings. Nothing in that text says anything about sola scriptura whatsoever.

So it’s a dangerous thing to make up stuff as we go along.

tell that to the protestants…

False doctrines such as Purgatory / indulgences / praying to dead statues / Limbus Infantium / Flaggelation … are found nowhere in the instructions of Christ and the Apostles.

“False” Doctrines:

*1) Purgatory: prove, logically, that it is false.

  1. Indulgences: again, prove, logically, that temporal suffering does not cleanse the soul of some of the damage we do to ourselves by our sin. In fact, all acts of charity could be construed as minor indulgences, especially when it entails giving something of ourselves.

  2. No catholic prays to statues, there is no such thing as a “dead” statue (er, they’re ALL dead rather), and the saints are not dead either way. this is a horribly slanderous way to word this teaching of the church and this person should appologize for such a sinful lie against fellow christians.

  3. Limbo is not a doctrine of the church

  4. Flagellation is not a doctrine of the church and is not required of it’s members*

I would strongly suggest that this person LEARN a little bit about the doctrines of the church before they continue in such a hatefully ignorant manner against the church.


Better yet, why do we believe in the doctrine of the Trinity? Or that Jesus Christ had two natures? Neither of these dogmas are clearly spelled out in scripture, but are inferred and have been dogmatized by Ecumenical Councils of the Church. If these Councils (of the undivided Catholic Church) have no authority and aren’t infallible in their dogmatizing, then the divinity of Jesus and the Trinity cease to be non-negotiables and you can start calling Mormons, JWs, and pretty much any other group that has “faith in Jesus” Christian.


…just thought I’d let you know that we Christians do not recognize any “Catholic teachings” whatsoever.

So does she, I wonder, worship on Saturday rather than Sunday? Does she observe Christmas and Easter?

Can anyone name other Catholic Teachings that non-Catholic Christians generally observe?


Originally Posted by skelly123
Hi, sorry, I mean you no harm but just thought I’d let you know that we Christians do not recognize any “Catholic teachings” whatsoever.

Let’s just take one or two Catholic teachings

  1. Christ was Devine, we believe in Christ divinity.
  2. Christ rose from the dead on the third day.

I am not sure what religion the poster is but we “Catholic Christians” believe in a whole lot more “Christian” things and would be to numerous to list than just the two mentioned


Hi, sorry, I mean you no harm but just thought I’d let you know that we Christians do not recognize any “Catholic teachings” whatsoever. Christ and the Apostles are the FINAL AUTHORITY and all of us must submit to their teachings.

Yes, Christ is the final authority as you put it. What did He say about IVF?


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