We demand an App!


Maybe demand was/is a strong word, but what can I say? I’m nothing if not a little dramatic. Nevertheless, I believe that there should either be a specific CAF app, or the CA app should have a forum function in which your phone can quickly and easily log into CAF, post, check, respond,etc. through a quick streamlined app!

Any suggestions or support can be posted below!


p.s. Dilly Dilly!


How about access the forums via the Tapatalk app? Other forums I frequent have setup the ability to be viewed via the app. I am not sure what would be involved (time and / or money) on CAF’s part to enable this.


I know if you use the google chrome app (on androids anyway) to look up the forum, you can then use the 3 dots on the upper right of the page. It says “add to home screen”. Just click that and you have a CAF “app” on your home screen.


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