We do not preach ourselves


In 2 Corinthians, Chapter 4, Verse 5 states:

For we do not preach ourselves but Jesus Christ as Lord, and ourselves as your slaves for the sake of Jesus.

Please explain.



Are you posting your home work here?


Well, what’s the context?


From NAB notes:

  • [4:5] We do not preach ourselves: the light seen in his gospel is the glory of Christ (2 Cor 4:4). Far from preaching himself, the preacher should be a transparent medium through whom Jesus is perceived (cf. 2 Cor 4:10–11). Your slaves: Paul draws attention away from individuals as such and toward their role in relation to God, Christ, and the community; cf. 1 Cor 3:5; 2 Cor 4:1.

In other words, Paul is saying that he is not preaching the gospel of Paul, but rather the gospel of Jesus Christ. Also, he is not putting himself above the community, but rather is putting himself in the role of a servant to the community (many bibles use the word servant rather than slave in this verse). This passage demonstrates St. Paul’s humility, love and service to the community for the sake of Jesus Christ.


He’s also writing against “peddlers of the Word of God” and “false apostles” who seem have in some way upset the Church at Corinth against Paul and some things he has said or some controversy they began about how Paul exercises his authority.


Dear Prayer Warrior, Thank you for explaining that Paul is preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not the gospel of Paul.


Amandil, Thank you for explaining about the peddlers of the Word of God.


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