We had Mormons at Mass on Sunday!


An interesting thing happened yesterday at Mass…

DH and I were kneeling in the pew after just arriving at Church, and the organist comes in with two young guys, all clean cut and good looking, white short sleeved shirts and black trousers, and little black name badges. I didn’t really think anything of it, until my husband looks at me with wide eyes and says, “well, now I’ve seen everything!”. I asked him what he was talking about and he said, “they’re Mormons!”.

WOW!!! :eek:

So the organist explained how to use the misselette, and then just left them alone in the pew. They stayed for the entire Mass, and followed the congregation when we stood up and sat down (but they did not kneel).

After Mass DH and I went over to them and introduced ourselves. He said to them that he is “in the same business they are, but from the Catholic perspective” -hehehe- I thought that was pretty funny. :slight_smile: He gave them some business cards and invited them to call or stop by (DH works for Saint Michael’s Media). Who knows if they will or not, but they did graciously take the cards and say thank you for the invitation.

Anyway - just thought I would share that - it was quite interesting to see them looking around the amazingly beautiful Church, and whispering to each other. I wish I could have been a little bird on their shoulder!! :wink:



Wow, Liza, that’s amazing! At your parish, they were treated to some of the most faithful preaching and liturgical praxis around! I wonder what led them there?


We were not at Grotto yesterday, we were at Sts. Peter and Paul downtown on Jefferson. The priest there does a good job with the homily, and I love that they are so close to home and have a late night Sunday Mass (7:35). Sometimes it just comes in handy on a busy weekend.



We had a [post=2247296]bat in the chapel[/post] once, but never Mormons! :eek:

To prevent bats, keep the doors & windows closed after dark – Not sure how to keep out Mormons. :stuck_out_tongue:



I was so thrilled to have them!! I kept praying that the Holy Spirit spoke to them in some way to give them just the inkling they needed to pursue the Catholic Faith. I would love to have them there again if they wanted to come!



It took me a few years, but after being at Mass I couldn’t NOT go at least once in awhile.

5 generations of Mormonism didn’t keep God from speaking to me and gently urging me into His Church!! His Word will not return void afterall. :wink:

in Christ


Hooray for Steph!

Your children’s children shall rise up and call you ‘Blessed!’



That is really good to see, did they say what they thought of the mass? Did they give any indication what exactly they were looking for?


I’m interested to know if they didn’t burst into flames; due to mixing with apostates!


Well they would be hot around the collar talking to them…


We did not want to totally descend on them, another man was speaking with them about the Mass and we did not want to interrupt. So we just introduced ourselves, DH gave his card, and we left. But I would have loved to know the story behind how they got there! :slight_smile:



will be interesting if they show up again this week…


LDS missionaries are encouraged to visit other churches occasionally while they are on their missions. This is partly in order to make themselves more visible in the community in which they serve; and partly in order to become better acquainted with the religious cultures, traditions, and practices of other people to help them become better missionaries. They certainly caught your attention, didn’t they! That was the idea. The only churches they are not allowed to go to are spiritualist churches where they do séances and call up spirits, and other wacky churches like that.



The LDS missionaries who’ve visited me have all attended the local Catholic church. In addition to what Zerinus said, I think it gives them a chance to say, “Hey, we visited your church, why don’t you come give ours a try?”. Two missionaries told me they even went to Adoration on the invitation of a Catholic friend. I wonder if the OP’s organist invited them to Mass and plans to attend the Mormon church?


I was never encouraged to attend another church as a Mormon missionary. We did it, but we sure weren’t encouraged to do it.


You’ll have to let us know if they follow up with him.


Oh I will for sure! I’ll ask him when he gets home tonight if he ever heard from them - yesterday was a crazy day and it never came up.



You are probably right about that. “Encourage” was probably not the right word. They are told it is OK to visit.



Earlier this summer, there were two LSD-missionaries at mass in our parish, too (Germany, Worms).
We greeted them, but as I was invited this evening, I didn’t speak further to them. Never seen them again, wonder if they gave up our city as an impossible job lol.


It is not a surprise that lds missionaries were at Mass. I don’t think that they wanted to be seen as someone said on this thread. I do believe that they wanted to be polite and accept the invitation to attend.

What this does show however, is that the lds church is no cult. It is not afraid to have its members visit acceptable churches such as the RCC. When my daughter were little, they went to catholic mass with my mother even though I converted to the lds faith at 18 years of age. My exwife didn’t mind either and she was very mormon.

Now my daughters know that I am interested in my old faith again and they don’t seem to care. This shows quite an openness in the mormon faith.

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