We have a POPE!!!!

White smoke!!!

I saw it, so excited

White smoke! Habemus Papam, we have a Pope!

Just saw that, too!!! Yay!!! Thanks be to God!

Have it on stream and I heard the cheers! :smiley:

Habemus Papam!!! Bells are chiming! What incredible joy!!!

Fantastic news! Only problem is Im heading to mass shortly so going to miss the announcement.

Now the question is…WHO???

Habemus Papam!

I’m in class for another 10 min. Please tell me I have 20 minutes to get to my dorm to see him

Habemus Papam!!! Thanks be to God!!!

Habemus Papum!

Who, I wonder?

That sure was fast!

It was wacky to have it streaming on my phone and hear the bells suddenly start up.

!!! Big news !!!

How very exciting!!! I didn’t expect this until at least tomorrow.

Now I’ll get *nothing *done this afternoon…

:popcorn: Waiting to know who.



Hooray! I saw the white smoke on CNN and heard the bells. It’s my understanding that he won’t appear for at least 45 minutes. Wonder who it is?

I knew it would be today. I could feel it.

WHO??? What name???

Can’t wait to see who, historic.

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