We have ecumenism, why not a link between Moslem and Christian

All the authodox practicing Moslems I have ever known, they have all been men of ‘peace and goodwill’. I have been very impressed by their genuine sincerity. I have always felt that any social group is richer for the presence of a practicing Moslem.

We have inter-Church dialogue. Why not more inter-religious dialogue too?

I think there are aspects of Islam that are reconcileable with Christianity.

We believe that when Christ said He would send the Advocate, we take that to mean the Holy Spirit. Moslem’s take the Advocate to be Mohammed.

It is extremely arrogant of us to assume that the social teachings of Christianity is superior to Islam.

I have never been personally threatened or hurt by a Moslem, which is more than I can say for both Protestants and some Catholics.

Islam is getting a bad press I think that it is unjustified. It is not the Way of the Cross.

There are fundamentalists in both Islam and Christianity. Both are as bad as each other. There are also those politically motivated who use both as an excuse but belong to neither.

Isn’t it time for Christians to reach out to our Moslem Brothers and Sisters in a spirit of love, respect and sincere friendship :thumbsup:

I, personally, have no qualms with Muslims - except when they tell me I’m going to hell for believing in Jesus as God.


How much of the Quran have you read?

The Pope suggested dialogue too. They burned him in effigy, killed a nun and several other Christians, rioted, burned churches, and threatened him with assassination. Didn’t you watch the news? Their version of dialogue is us submitting as good dhimmi and converting to Islam. Any disagreement or frank talk is met with terrorism. How about as a prereq for dialogue that Muslims agree to not kill or persecute Christians?

Well said cest!

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