We have finally seen the light of NFP


My husband and I have finally decided to stop the ABC and begin with NFP. I am so excited! My husband took my pills last night and threw them down the garbage disposal. We are finally ready to begin our family. and advice on where to start NFP?


Been years since we needed to practice it so all i can do is keep you in our prayers.


I’d start here:
Especially if you were taking the pill for medical reasons.


Congratulations! What a wonderful step for your family :slight_smile: Are you trying to conceive now, or are you trying to avoid pregnancy using NFP instead of ABC? We went to a 4-session class offered through our parish and were very happy with that set-up. Our current archdiocese also offers classes through their family life center. Those might be two good places to start with, and if they don’t offer any, maybe they can refer you to a nearby parish that does. Good luck :thumbsup:


you won’t regret it one bit. my wife and i did NFP for 18 months after we got married. (we’re pregnant now - by choice) and we’re looking forward to going back to NFP as soon as baby comes. its very rewarding and brought us very close.


Just remember to keep your hearts open to God’s desire every month, and pray together to discern wither or not to abstain. It is still possible to use NFP with a contraceptive mindset.


Good for you both!!! :thumbsup:

May God bless & direct your steps.


We took a course in the Sympto-Thermal method offered through the Couple to Couple league. You can find a certified teaching couple through this link:


God Bless your efforts! You’ve made the absolute best decision for your body and for your marriage!


Well amazingly enough my husband told me last night he feels like hes ready to be a dad so I guess we are trying to conceive. I am still so shocked! any idea how long it will take my body to regulate after being on the pill for the last three years?


Its so amazing how the whole thing got started really. I had told him that I screwed up my pills (I forgot a whole weeks worth) and that we would have to abstain for a while, meanwhile I was complaining of a headached and feeling cranky. He asked me why I felt so bad and I told him my body was just off balance from messing up my pills. Then he says he doesnt care if i get pregnant, I told him to stop being silly and that I didnt believe them. he said he was tired of the pills making me sick and sad and tired so he went to the bathroom and got my pills and threw them down the garbage disposal! I was so shocked! I just stood there staring at him with my mouth wide open. Baby has been a four letter word to him, he just flat out refused to talk about having one, he said he wasnt ready and didnt trust NFP and now here he is throwing my BC pills down the sink. Then he told me he wants a baby! so I just started crying and he grabbed me up and it was the happiest I have been since my wedding day. I keep asking him if hes sure, is he really sure, has he changed his mind, but he is SO sure its scary. I am scared and excited and elated all at the same time.


Tara, there might be no adjustment at all. But since you are Catholic, you must have been on the pill for something other than birth control. Therefore you should be talking to your doctor, not to a bunch of strangers on the Internet (even though the basic information you will get here will likely be superb).


I was on the pill for PCOS Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. But at this point I dont care. I havent had a cyst in over a year, my husband got promoted to management, I will be through will college by the Spring, everything has just fallen into place. I just feel like its really our time, especially with my husbands amazing turn around, and that if I lift it up to God he will take care of me. The pain of a cyst is worth the joy of a child.


Great for you! Work with your doctor – if necessary. And may God bless you with a healthy, happy child.


What a wonderful story! I was just thinking that you may have several months before you conceive, or you may conceive right away. But I think it might be easier for you to learn your body’s fertility signals if you start learning NFP now, before Baby comes. You also won’t have the pressure of being freshly post-partum and scared of getting pregnant a few months after the birth. You’ve probably already thought of this, but even though you’re not trying to avoid now, it might be easier to learn how to for when you need it.




Congratulations on your decision! I am recently off ABC myself. I was also on the pill for medical reasons. It only took my husband and I a few days off of the pill to conceive our last baby. So it can happen rather quickly. I was not able to find an NFP class in my area, so I did the Couple to Couple League home study course and was very happy with it. I also liked Marilyn Shannon’s book Fertility, Cylces and Nutrition. I think that book is a big help for those of us with irregular cycles. Good luck to you and you are in my prayers.


I would suggest you check into the Creighton method of NFP, since PCOS can make your temps very irregular for charting. Also, Creighton has FertilityCare, a process that is specifically to help you conceive if you have problems like PCOS.

Also, the pill is NOT the best treatment for PCOS. Your Dr. should have put you on metformin. That will actually help the problem, not just mask the symptoms like the pill does. So just know that you don’t have to go back on it after you have a baby, there are better treatments out there. I have PCOS too, and got pg after taking metformin for a while. Stay off the pill! It makes it worse in the long run!


My doc also kept me on the ABC because of polycystic ovaries. I don’t know if I have the actual syndrome, but it’s certain I have multiple cysts on both my ovaries. It’s supposed to make it harder to concieve so be patient, it could take a while, and not due to coming off the ABC, but because of the cyst problem. That being said… it took me three cycles to get pregnant after coming off the ABC, so there’s evidence that it won’t matter about the cysts! My doctor and just about anyone I’ve told about the situation seems really suprised it was so easy for me to get pregnant.

So just be patient, start taking your prenatal vitamins now, and cut out all the bad habits. Try to get hubby to start eating right now too. Cut down the caffine so that it will be easy to cut it out entirely (I didn’t do that, but some folks think it’s a good idea). Eat your green veggies girly! Oh, and if you like salt, start getting used to eating less of it, cuz lots and lots of ladies have trouble with swelling, and the sodium will be your enemy if you’re one of those ladies.

This is a great website for pregnant ladies, and anyone who wants to get pregnant: babyfit.sparkpeople.com/default.asp


Thanks for all the advice and warm wishes. I am hoping to get pregnant very very soon!


I wanted to refer you to the Pope Paul VI Institute for fertility but couldn’t find info on PCOS very easily there, but you may still want to explore the site and make some phone calls.

Came across this neat message board which may be of some support as you start this part of your journey. It’s called Catholic Cysters Corner. The messages in the thread appear to be quite uplifting.

You’ll be in my prayers. :slight_smile:

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