We have no bishop for now?

May God bless our bishop who now has a new diocese. We may not have a new bishop for a while and so we will have an administrator. Does any one know how this is done. Who choses the administrator? Could he be the next bishop? Any interesting information. I’m just wondering how this works. Thanks

what diocese?

The Pope may appoint an Apostolic Administrator for your diocese, or the College of Consultors of your diocese may elect a Diocesan Administrator. It is unlikely that your administrator will be your next Bishop.

It is the Orlando, FL diocese.

Then hopefully this, from your diocese’s website, will answer all your questions as much as they can be now.

Im probably completely wrong here, but I thought I read somewhere on this site that there HAD to be a Bishop in order for the Church to exist.

No Bishop, no ‘‘church’’.

Can someone enlighten me please???

I agree with the bolded part. :wink:

I’m from the Diocese of Harrisburg and we’re in the same situation. Bishop Rhoades was moved to South Bend in January and since then a Diocesan priest has been acting as Diocesan Administrator. I am not aware of any timeline to appoint a new bishop here.

Well, we’ve gone through a LOT of Bishops in 2000 years, so I think the Church has probably thought through the implications of a temporarily empty Bishopric by now :slight_smile: The Church is still here in Orlando. The Cathedral is still the Cathedral (even if you can’t go in right now with the construction…). Anyway, I can’t wait to see who we get as our next Bishop! :thumbsup:

I think it was more of a theological point.

Something about the ‘‘church’’ existing around the Bishop. So I thought there’d be implications for the local church if there was no local Bishop.

Im clearly getting it mixed up (big time) - but it’s bugging me now and Ive tried to find the reference here but all the search words Ive put in arent pulling it up.

I think it was something JREducation wrote, but even searching under his name I cant find it.

Your recall is fairly accurate, it was likely something near to “where there is the Bishop, there is the Church”. But it does not follow conversely that where there is no bishop there is no church. Don’t deny the antecedent! :wink:

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