We have no clue


A close family member unfortunately married a woman who seemed wonderful, but has turned out quite otherwise. Our family has not had much experience with divorce. They were married less than 5 years and there is a child. Husband is most anxious to gain custody for several reasons. Does anyone know how this usually goes? I have heard unless the wife is a serial killer, she will probably get custody. This is a sad mess, he’s a good guy and just wanted a nice home and family.:frowning:


Well, courts tend to deal mainly in facts, not emotion. They will likely share custody unless there is some pressing and verifiable reason that one of them is an unfit parent.


well, you didn’t get into the reasons why you think she is a bad person (sorry for the term, but can’t think of anything better:) ), but I feel the mother should always be the primary caregiver for her children (unless she is harming them, which you did not say).
I mean, I am not minimizing a father’s role and I think they are important, but a child needs their mother “more”, especailly at such a young age. Your family member will still have time with his child, and unless she is harming the child (and I am not talking about being a different religion, etc but I mean phyically or emotionally hurting the child), then I don’t see any reason for her not to have primary custody - even if there was adultry, etc. I mean in such a case, the husband would feel betrayed rightfully, but this should not be taken out on the child by removing it from it’s mother.

Again, you didn’t say much about the situation, so I might be way off here. If so, I apologize.



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