We have Summorum Pontificum, what's next?

So we have Summorum Pontificum and much greater access to to TLM. What’s next? Are there any hints or rumours on whether the Holy Father is planning any new changes or clarification? Perhaps to slowly make the NO mass the way it was supposed be. :slight_smile:

Pax Christi,

There are rumors that the Holy Father is planning to reorganize the Roman Curia.

And over at the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments there are rumors that they are planning to suppress the various optional Eucharistic prayers (don’t quote me on it though, I only read that from a comment box over at some blog).

Mostly wishful thinking on my part, but given Benedict’s clear interest in sacred music, I’m hoping for something to help fix the disaster that Catholic liturgical music has become in far too many parishes.

The repair of liturgical abuse was to be helped by Redemptionis Sacramentum, and it has helped in small ways. But real change will only occur through priests who are educated in the true meaning of the liturgy and correct rubrics. Obviously, this starts in the seminary and in many seminaries this has been very much improved. Properly formed priests won’t abuse the liturgy and eventually much of the abuse will die out.

An Ecclesiastical Interdict against Oregon Catholic Press under the pain of excommunication for anyone who buys from them would go a long way toward helping that…


Well, I was thinking that slowly eliminating practices that crept into the Church after V2 would be nice. Like he could make sure that, whever possible, prayers would be said towards east. As far as I know, before he was elected he spoke agaist the practice of priests facing the people. I think little things like that would help :).

Let’s hope. :getholy:

Viva el Papa! :slight_smile:

Since facing the people is a legitimate option even in the 1962 Missal, I doubt he’d try to remove that option. It would be marvelous if the Mass was said word for word as intended with correct gestures and accompanied by appropriate music. Even better would be if it were sung:thumbsup:


This begs a question then. Is there anything the Holy Father can do about it without eliminating the option? Or is the change supposed to come from the priests? I understand that even today facing the East is a completely legitimate option and in fact it is assumed to be the default.

It would be marvelous if the Mass was said word for word as intended with correct gestures and accompanied by appropriate music. Even better would be if it were sung:thumbsup:

Oh, I couldn’t agree more. :thumbsup: At least the English translation is soon going to be replaced.

I don’t know them. :o Should I count myself lucky? :stuck_out_tongue:

Most definitely. They are the dragons responsible for the consumption of sane liturgical music in America.


LOL I just looked them up, thankfully I had no idea what this was, but now I do. It is awful.

Unfortunately I have to experience their “music” every Sunday at Mass. I makes me miss the Baptist hymns I grew up with (even makes me miss the praise and worship variety songs as they weren’t as bad). Should be the other way around shouldn’t it? Oh how I can’t wait to hear some good Gregorian Chant and organ music.

Oh by the way, I’ll be moving to the DC area in about a year so I know I’ll be able to find some good ole’ Catholic hymns and a TLM. Counting the days…

I have heard rumors that there will be a new Missal coming out in 2009. Anyone have any more information regarding this?

I hear you. I’d take “There is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel’s veins” over “City of God,” or “On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand” over “Table of Plenty.” :rolleyes:

another :amen: to not being able to use OCP!

They start playing that stuff and all I can see is Ethel Merman in a chasuble.:hypno:

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Well, we need to understand that versus populum then and now are two different things. Sure, one could face the people back then if it happened to be eastward, and maybe even if not, but the altar was still set up the same as if facing liturgical east - meaning candles, cards, etc. would all be “blocking the view.” This approach to versus populum would actually take on much of Cdl. Ratzinger’s compromise position where a crucifix placed on the altar between priest and people slowly moves us back toward orientation on the Lord.

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